Posted by: Daisy | November 4, 2008


Oh dear.  I told myself I would not write politics.  In fact, I think there are only 2 taboo topics for me personally and they are politics and religion.  People get so fanatical about this kind of thing.

So… I won’t write politics really.  I’ll just direct you to this site and say – aren’t the results sort of interesting?  Of course, I’m sure the results are skewed as it is certainly not the voting population who votes on this site, plus, take into consideration the people who are voting, they likely have something they want to say, likely not a ‘normal’ distribution of typical voters of any country… either way, I simply found the country-by-country results, interesting.

There.  How’s that for not saying anything political?  🙂

– Daisy



  1. 🙂 i have the same rule so i’ll just say, interesting indeed …

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Darlene! (BTW, gas is 85 cents now!) – Daisy

  2. lol

    But we, your dear readers, didn’t take any vow of silence on any topic, now did we? Of course, we do know you can always delete a comment.

    But thanks for the link. Makes me ever so joyful to see the world rooting for Obama. I have never in my entire life felt so excited about an American election, and so hopeful for the outcome, and the changes it could bring. Go Obama!! 🙂 Wonder if that will bring on the political commentators now?

    Welcome back Gerry. Of course I could delete a comment, but I don’t! I want to say, this and that, and this and that.. but I’ll hold my tongue instead. Glad you’re excited – I guess you’ll stay up until the polls in California are in? – Daisy

  3. Thanks D – been too busy to keep up on the blog reading … but always enjoy your posts!

    As long as you say hey once in a while, then I’ll know you’re still enjoying… I’m stunned you did not comment about the Halloween pics or the Farm pics?!! No need to. Just my turn to comment. – Daisy

  4. That was a cool website to look at, especially with the results section, now that the election is over.

    Friends and I had an interesting chat about politics last night. One thing that came up was how as a good leader, you need to understand what the peoples’ needs are, and that starts with getting into their shoes. It was an interesting chat, and I think I’ll have to write a post inspired by it. – Daisy

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