Posted by: Daisy | November 5, 2008

The little things

Sometimes, I’m just happy I got through the day and achieved some little things.

  1. I got up really early and taught a class.
  2. I drove the standard car and didn’t stall it.
  3. I washed my hair and dressed in something better than jeans.
  4. I went grocery shopping and let a gentleman go ahead of me in a long line.
  5. My little guy behaved very well so I took him shopping and got a replacement lunch bag, umbrella, and push pins, just like we intended.
  6. I cooked dinner and we watched a movie we borrowed from the library and I got to snuggle with my little guy during the scary scenes.

Sigh.  Now I just need to hitch a good break on the big things.

Here’s a song from long ago I like.

– Daisy


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