Posted by: Daisy | November 6, 2008

Ripped Older Gent

Is it okay to admire an older gentleman who obviously works out, works hard at it and has achieved what many would only hope for at any age?

I say, ABSOLUTELY.  I was talking to one such gentleman when I almost blurted out in conversation that he’s got an incredibly ripped upper body and that I only hope to have that at his age.  Of course, that sounded a bit like a back-handed compliment, but it wasn’t meant that way!  What I really meant was that I was clearly impressed and age only takes my admiration even further.  Truth be told – I’m jealous!

It occurred to me that I have images of hunched over fragile folk when I think of aging, and I need to obliterate that imagery with a modern one of fit, older ladies and gents standing tall and strong.  I’ve seen examples – more and more of them in fact and some in fact, that make me go “Wow, how can I be more like her/him?”.

It’s such a joy to see people who I can look up to, and know and believe that what I thought were signs of aging, may not apply to everyone.  I’ll just have to defy it every step of the way by continuing to embrace the fitness lifestyle I’ve chosen to live.  I already stand taller now than I ever used to stand decades ago.

Here’s to seeing more ripped bodies in all the generations, and thanks for showing me what’s possible at any age.

– Daisy


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