Posted by: Daisy | November 17, 2008

Rumbly in My Tumbly times 3

About 30 minutes ago, my tummy kept rumbling in that low growling sort of way telling me to move my butt and get some food into it.  But, but, but – I’m BUSY!  Sigh.  30 minutes after the rumbling started, I had no choice but to roll with it and eat some lunch.  There.  That’s better already.

Then another rumbling started.  The cat sat in the most inappropriate spot (for me) amidst my papers on the desk and rumbles away and looks at me with those fierce, yet kind eyes telling me to pet him.  What choice do I have but to pet him (as his tail continues to dance on my keyboard reducing my speed to about 10 or 20 WPM.)

Then, the third rumbling makes me feel a sense of power – ahh, well, that could only be the stick-shift car and how it has awakened my senses making me realize a car is far more than a piece of automotive equipment that gets you from one place to another.  When it comes to stick-shift, you need to listen, feel, and become one with the car (and its rumbles) and when you do, magic happens as you use that power in a way that is not comparable in an automatic.  As another put it, the automatic in the same year/model of car, just seems gutless.

Hmm.  I’ve fed.  I’ve pet.  It’s time to drive the rumbles.  Have a great one!  🙂

– Daisy


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