Posted by: Daisy | November 20, 2008

You should know better

Or should you?

We had a beautiful snowfall last night and of course, with those wonderful acts of weather, people forget how to drive in the snow again.  Come on people, we go through this every single year?  Snow is not new.  You gotta take it easy on snow – it’s slippery, duh?

After last night’s snowfall, today’s driving was much better, though still not the same as completely cleared, dry roads.  So, I was completely baffled when Mr. Buddy, an older pedestrian decides to cross the busy street illegally.  Actually, to be accurate, Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Buddy are both navigating across the street, when they could have easily walked a little further to cross legally at the lights.  But wait, it gets better.  When Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Buddy realize I’m bombing down the street, they both decide to stop crossing.  In my lane.  I kid you not.  Okay, perhaps the reason they stopped in my lane is because they saw another car in the lane next to me bombing down too and didn’t want to get hit by both cars, I don’t know.  Either way, I quickly slowed and stopped so they could finish illegally crossing the road.  If I hadn’t stopped in time, I quite literally would have had two elderly pedestrians on my windshield both looking my way (or perhaps just past my way) with deer in the headlights looks on their faces watching two fast cars coming along.  It wouldn’t have been good.

Luckily for them, my car did not have any issues slowing or stopping – however, they were taking a huge risk with the icy road conditions the way they were.  Just what were they thinking?  I thought.  Then it occurred to me that pedestrians may not understand if they have never driven a car, and pedestrians new to the winters of Canada may know even less.  I hope my almost screeching tires told them how dangerous that was before something tragic happens.

Phew.  Let me catch my breath now.

– Daisy


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