Posted by: Daisy | November 26, 2008

Today, November 26th, 2008

Okay, I’ve tried to write 3 different posts now, yet none of them are coming together because I can not be 100% accurate in them.  I keep leaving out details, trying to tell it in an abstract way to get the gist across without naming any guilty parties or occurences, yet they come across as just that.  I’m hiding something.  So.  Nevermind.  What can I say instead?

What every blogger says once in a while – I’ve been meaning to write.  Really, I have.  I’ll get a bit of a break maybe tomorrow, or friday, or definately next week.

Hmmm.  Horrid post.

Okay, okay, I’ll make it up to you.  How about a top 10 list about me and how I’m feeling today?

  1. I’m on painkillers and had trouble sleeping last night.
  2. I had to wake up and leave the house around 6am this morning.
  3. I drove to the Tim’s for coffee and DOH, they’re not open yet!
  4. The snow fall looked beautiful this morning in the dark, but by the time the sun rose, it looked like a lot of shovelling instead.
  5. I’m cold and wearing a sweater for the first time this fall season.
  6. Tonight is the first night since November 12th that I don’t have anywhere to go in the evening.
  7. I’m going to give food to my lovely neighbours (one of the posts was regarding a miscommunication with a food place that ended up with me paying for and getting far more food than I needed).
  8. I wonder how people will react to my latest personal antics (yet another post I tried to write).
  9. I like to sing, and wish I could sing well.  But I don’t want it so badly that I’m willing to do anything to make it better.  Instead, I continue to practice in the shower.
  10. I feel better already.

– Daisy


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