Posted by: Daisy | December 5, 2008

Strange Dreams

I’ve been sleeping for about 3 days, trying to ward off a full-blown cough, sneeze, feverish illness.  I think it might be working.  However, whenever I sleep at strange times, I get the side-effect of strange dreams.

To be fair, I know I probably dream strange dreams every night but I never remember any of these dreams.  The only dreams I remember are the ones that get interupted.  So, in my typical day/night, I will sleep, dream, and with those patterns, my body does not dream when it’s close to waking time.  When waking time approaches, I get out of dream state, and then magically never remember that dream.

When I spend 3 days sleeping – well, you know, things like the phone will wake me.  Or the doorbell.  Or the dog.  Or the child.  Or any number of normal activities.  So, over the past 3 days, I’ve had strange dreams about every day items that I take for granted.  Things that I do all the time, every day, and yet instead of doing them well, I’ve been making some major mistakes.  For instance, I dreamt that instead of teaching my regular fitness class in the studio, for some reason, I was outdoors (and there was equipment outdoors too).  In addition, we were now in medieval times, and the garb everyone wore was beautiful and hilarious really (except I was still in my usual clothes).  I found myself in a pickle when I could not play the music.  I showed up with my music, and realized there was nothing to plug it into.  No stereo.  No electricity.  I found that there was no mic so I had to effectively use my voice and make it be heard – amongst the trees.

I found myself trying to run to the top of the theatre style seating and realized I needed to bypass a crazy animal first and couldn’t.  I was ill-prepared is really the gist of the dream.  It was upsetting and I woke up.

Hmmm.  So what am I supposed to make of that?  I’m generally well-prepared.  Is it only a function of the fact that I haven’t taught for 2 days (due to illness) and am not prepared?  Or is there more to it than that?  Days like this when I wish I had the energy to jot down all my crazy dreams, and then find the time when I’m more alert and awake, get to a library and borrow a book on dreams and what they mean.  I just might find out that they mean literally what I think they mean.

Get better.  Get prepared.  Get on with life.

– Daisy


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