Posted by: Daisy | December 19, 2008

Babbling Nonsense

Sometimes I feel a little bit like Susie on Survivor in that I just go on and on about nothing.  Oh wait, that would be a Seinfeld episode.  No matter, sometimes, I just am not quite sure what I am blathering about but I feel the need to blather.  So, humour me, right?

My observations and nonsensical comments:

I’m surprised at the number of visits to my post about scamming and the George S May company.  Yet the majority of those visitors never look at the rest of my blog.  And let’s be serious, that post isn’t one of my favourites.  I believe there are lots of others with more meat, more soul, more food for thought and simply, more Me.  I wonder, does misery really do love company?  Do we really respond better to hearing/reading of bad things?  Is having a blog about living life positively boring as hell?  If I wrote about all kinds of problems and issues, would I be stunned at the influx of visits?

And I suppose my musical posts would be the opposite of the scamming post.  The musical posts are generally much more Me in soul and yet in general don’t seem to get the love… Many times, I will return to one of those musical posts, and play it in the background while I write the next post.  Hint – I’m listening to Amy Winehouse right now as I type this.  In that post, I shared my thoughts on talents and strengths being coupled with extreme weaknesses.  I could keep going on about this topic for hours or days I’m sure.

I remind myself why I write in the first place, and the importance of staying true to what makes my happy.  Ultimately, I know metrics like visits and repeat visits are not the drivers behind my writing.  If I wanted to focus on that aspect, then 1) I’d be failing miserably, and 2) this blog would become something of a scam of who I am.  So I’ll stay true to me and continue to listen to my music.

– Daisy



  1. The top tip for getting high traffic I always hear is “good content”. You can’t fake that – either you have it or you don’t, so being true to yourself is your best bet.

    Acck! Oh dear, now I’m really afraid…. 🙂 – Daisy

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