Posted by: Daisy | December 19, 2008

For Snow’s Sake

Enough already.  Okay, I’ve lived in (near) Toronto, Canada for decades now, and I don’t remember ever having shovelled as much snow as I have in the past 24 months.  I’m finally starting to believe in the need for snowblowers if you’re going to use them as often as lawnmowers.

Seriously, I love snow and all to some degree, but this is getting a bit tiresome now.  Here by the Great Lakes, we are in the process of getting engulfed in yet another snow storm that will result in stop (and don’t go) traffic for hours.  I made sure I put the car in the garage so that when the time comes to try to venture out, I’ll put on the speed and RAM through it.  Or not.

That reminds me.  You know everyone’s always looking for additional ways to get fit, and burn a few calories.  A snowstorm always does it.  You go shovel a few driveways (or shovel yours a few times) and you’ll raise your heart rate, but did you ever realize that getting stuck in stop and go traffic while driving a stick-shift will do WONDERS for your left leg?  Seriously.  A great left-leg workout.

For now, I’ll continue to hole myself indoors until I’m brave enough to venture outside.  How many more days until Spring?


The photo on left is my sheltered porch (front door), and photo on the right is my back door.

– Daisy


  1. Grass is always greener on the other side. We in southern England have no snow whatsover, and its Christmas for Pete’s sake!

    Yes, I know I’m whining. I’m just a little over-tired of the snow. – Daisy

  2. Send some of that snow down to Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been looking forward to it, but it’s been missing us. We have a lot of rain going on right now. We might get a little something something on late Saturday or Sunday morning, though. Oh well, enjoy. Even though you have a lot, it’ll be gone soon enough.

    Thanks for the visit Anne. I’ll try to will the weather your way, but no guarantees. If you do get it, it must be pretty to have it covering up all the crab statues in Baltimore! – Daisy

  3. I want snow, we never get snow at christmas here in the midlands (UK) either

    Okay, I think I will stop complaining a bit then… we got more snow again… it’s a huge fluffy blanket of the white stuff and piled taller than the car at the end of the driveway. It’s awfully pretty and can be appreciated once the shovelling is done and the roads are cleared. – Daisy

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