Posted by: Daisy | January 6, 2009

Oopsie Daisy

Mondays are trash days, though we rarely actually have trash.  We try to divert as much garbage as possible from landfills and have in place Blue Box Recycling that recycles cans, plastic, paper, and all the usual stuff.  We also have a Green Bin program that takes organics (think food, paper towels, and everything compostable) on a weekly basis.  Garbage (mostly plastic bags and other things that don’t go into Blue or Green) gets taken away every other week. 

Yesterday, I was rushing to get things out the door.  In my right hand, I had a bag of green (icky) stuff that needed to go out to the bin.  As I rushed around, I somehow slipped on the top step, and time slowed tremendously.  My foot slipped off the next step too and there was nothing to grab a hold of to regain my balance.  I knew I was going down and it was going to be fast and hard.

Luckily for me, there were only 3 steps in total leading towards the garage where I was headed and I found myself crumbled in a heap at the bottom on my back with my right arm still holding the icky Green bag up.  I struggled to breathe and finally let my arm come down because I realized that there were far more important things at the moment than to keep the icky bag of green off the floor.

I tried to breathe.  I couldn’t believe the wind was knocked out of me.  I could almost feel the birds flying around my head and hear their chirping, yet I had not hit my head.  I am sure I moaned something unintelligible.  I just kept reminding myself to breathe.  Finally, when I began to breathe normally again, I could hear my son talking to the cat behind me seemingly unawares of to what just occurred yet, I knew he saw.  As I continued to lay there in a heap, I thought that I’d better teach him something about dealing with emergencies because if this had been a real one, I think he would have continued talking to the cat until someone came knocking on our door.

I finally found my way out of my crumbled self.  I was happy to find nothing seemed broken except my ego.  I finished carrying the icky green stuff to the garage and eventually out to the curb, and found myself hobbling a tiny bit as I walked the little one to school.

Now, more than 24 hours later, I am finding I’ve hurt my right butt and hip, my left heel somehow hurts and I have a lot of trouble getting into the car without wincing.  I am having trouble sitting and prefer to stand quite often to take the pressure off, and I somehow also hurt my left shoulder.  I feel like an old woman.  Sigh.

Happy Monday.  Tuesday’s got to be better.

– Daisy



  1. Moral of the story? Don’t recycle – its bad for your health.

    We do some recycling, but not so much of the green icky stuff as they only collect that fortnightly and it gets seriously fully of maggots.

    You can’t possibly mean that?!! 🙂 That’s why I like the way they’ve done it. They are encouraging all of us to do the Green thing because it comes every week, and discouraging the other stuff (ie, the garbage) and we don’t get maggots. I think the moral is I have to be awake when I walk up and down steps. – Daisy

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