Posted by: Daisy | January 7, 2009

The most beautiful race

is the most beautiful people made up of multiple races, with a vast genetic make-up that reduces the risk of diseases found in any particular region, race or ethnicity.  (Before you go on a tirade, obviously, this is just my humble opinion.)

Why is it so many people find racially mixed children and adults the most beautiful in the world?  I think it’s the bit of familiar with the bit of exotic all mixed in together in a way that looks simply stunning.  Think Halle Berry, Tiger Woods and Mariah Carey.  I don’t think of them as mixed – just simply beautiful people with a bit of je ne sais quoi.

According to Wikipedia, Canada’s population is 3% multi-racial.  In my small world alone, I know of 11 mixed kids and that’s soley based on my ability to think, name and count whoever I can think of in 60 seconds or less.  (Note that number went from 6 to 11 in the amount of time it took me to write this post).  In my son’s class alone, 10% are mixed.

I can’t wait to see more and more mixed, beautiful people emerge over the next few decades.  Maybe I’ll even find a few more on my doorstep befriending my little guy.

– Daisy



  1. I have never been to Canada so I can not even begin to comment on what it is like over there, but I know that it is very regional here in the UK.

    I grew up in quite a big city in the south of England, and it was very mixed, now I live up north it is far less common and the communities are far more insular than I am used to.

    I had one short lived mixed relationship, and thought nothing of it at the time, retrospectively I am amazed how well my parents responded. Alas I don’t feel I am seeing the same increase in mixed race children that you are experiencing.

    Since I’m pretty close to the big urban city of Toronto, it is far more multicultural in my typical day-to-day dealings. According to the stats, Canada’s % is increasing from 2001 to 2006 (to 3% in 06) and I’m sure that number is mostly in urban areas. However, it does not take long to drive only an hour away to find towns and people who are predominantly caucasian and still speak of other cultures/races in terms that would make me blush. Not bad people – it’s just the terminology they grew up with.
    – Daisy

  2. I just found your blog through a mutual friend, and I particularly like this post.

    Well thank you for the visit and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Can I ask what in particular you liked about this one? – Daisy

  3. latin women are way better

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