Posted by: Daisy | January 8, 2009

Look Better in 2009

There are a lot of things in life that aren’t fair and the fact that attractive people get ahead is one of them.

If we’re born looking a bit like plain Jane and thinking you could do with an extreme makeover of a lifetime that will turn you into Superstar Joan.. well, that’s pretty unlikely (though we could all certainly dream about it).  They choose their candidates pretty carefully for Extreme Makeover looking for specifics that I could not attempt to describe.  However, even if we can’t be on Extreme Makeover, there are some things that seem like they have the biggest impact if you’ve got some money to work with.

$  A good haircut.  Nothing dates a person more than their haircut from highschool.  Grow up and go get some professional advice.  Plus, stop fighting against your hair everyday, and go with what it wants to do naturally.  Let the professional help you choose a style that will suit your needs.

$$ Updated wardrobe.  Oh my, get a little help from the likes of people like Stacey and Clinton.  Although I certainly don’t like what Clinton wears sometimes (his stylist has some funky style ideas), they certainly take into consideration what the individual’s needs are, and that’s ultimately the trick.  Again, work with your shape, not against it.  There’s nothing scary about experimenting a bit with styles that you’ve never tried – it’s only a dressing room afterall and you won’t know until you try.  I’ve tried on some dresses that looked better on the hanger than they did on me (yikes!) and others that have looked fantastic on me, but horridly on the hanger.  You just don’t know until you put it on.  Plus, remember how they ALWAYS get the candidates to wear layers and jackets?  There’s a very good reason for that!  Ask for help and take someone you trust.

$$ Updated glasses/Contacts.  You don’t have to go whole hog to the laser treatment, sometimes, it’s like haircut – if you still wearing the frames from high school, then it’s time to update the look.  I think glasses make many people look extremely stylish now and finding the right pair doesn’t have to take that much time.  Contacts are also a good option for many.  I’ve got astigmatism and my options before were only in hard contacts.  The technology has changed significantly in the past few years, and now even my funky eyes can wear soft contacts for astigmatism with incredible acuity.

$$$ Teeth Improvements.  On all the shows, they do veneers and other short-term fixes.  Of course, there are other longer-term fixes too (which I am much more partial to) like braces.  Of course, the course of action is dependent on many factors and the best person to start talking to is your dentist who can refer you to a specialist.  I had my braces done when I was 25 and before the braces, I had a very hard time smiling because I was so self-conscious of my teeth.  As soon as the braces began to straighten my teeth, I gained my confidence, even with a mouth entirely full of metal bits.

It’s amazing what these 4 alone will do to a person’s looks.  I think I better go get my haircut for 2009.

– Daisy, who is thinking it must be Beauty Week at AnswerStartsWithYou



  1. You overlooked the thing that I tend to find makes all people look far more attractive, and that is to remember to smile.

    It sounds daft, but it is amazing how some people just seem to forget what it is like to smile.

    Even if you are not feeling in the mood for it, you would be amazed how much the act of smiling can actually go on to lift the spirits of both the benefactor and the recipient.

    Not daft at all. You’re absolutely right. Smiling is contagious and I always remind people in my classes to smile and you’ll get them back threefold. – Daisy

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