Posted by: Daisy | January 19, 2009

Who reads this stuff?

While I was trolling around looking at other blog posts and thinking about my own blog, I wondered if others were in the same boat. I was pleasantly surprised to find this post and commentary basically saying exactly how I was feeling…

In essence, having a blog can be difficult to explain to people in the offline world – the ones who physically see you, know where you shop, workout and live. Many of our friends and family, it seems just doesn’t understand our motivation for blogging. Plus, the online vs offline existence of bloggers can sometimes feel like you’re living 2 very separate lives. You see, I wondered if other bloggers had none, few, some, or many readers who actually know them in real life.

Whenever I sign into wordpress, I am always amazed at the number of bloggers and posts on a daily basis – as of this writing, it is 188,414 bloggers, 156,548 new posts, 43,493,490 words today. If I double, no wait, let’s just quadruple the blogger number, to take into account all those with blogs elsewhere, let’s call that 800,000 bloggers. Well, no wonder. Although 800,000 bloggers is a pretty darn big number, compared to the world population of about 6.7 billion, that means bloggers are only a tiny fraction of the population. No wonder I feel a bit like an alien specimen at times.

Okay, I know I mixed up my numbers a bit by talking about readers of blogs in one part, and bloggers (the writers) in another part, but I’ll make a guess that bloggers also tend to be more avid/frequent readers of other blogs. So, ultimately, we probably have a few more readers than bloggers, but it’s still a tiny percentage of the whole.

We’re diamonds in the rough. The whole lot of us. And many are motivated to read and write in ways that the general population doesn’t understand. Although sometimes I may feel like I lead two (or more lives), I am still one individual with multiple interests and I’m proud to be a blogger and thrilled to have discovered this rich community of talented writers in the blogosphere.

– Daisy



  1. I love blogging. My wife has just got into facebook and wanted me to join, but I don’t fancy it – I love the anonymity. You’re right about the dual lives, though, almost feels adulterous… I try to show my wife my blogs but I’m not sure she gets the buzz and my virtual world.

    I’m on facebook too, however, I use facebook to reconnect with people from before. I currently only use it as a means for others to ‘find me’. My hubby checks out my blog once in a while.. he claims he’ll comment one of these days but I won’t hold my breath. πŸ™‚ – Daisy

  2. My son is the only person who knows me, thats reads any of my blogs.

    Do you find that strange or not at all? I’ll say less than one handful (that’d be less than 5) read mine and know me. – Daisy

  3. I link to my blog from my Face Book page, so if people stumble across it then that is cool, but I don’t really tell people. There was a strange incident where I half heartedly apologised to an old school friend that I had not kept in touch with, and he commented that it was OK. That was really quite freaky.

    My wife checks that I am not airing the dirty laundry occasionally, but I don’t think she even realises that people post comments, let alone the thought of posting one herself.

    Yeah, let’s keep the dirty laundry where it belongs – perhaps in an even more anonymous blog?!! – Daisy

  4. To the best of my knowledge you’re are the only regular reader that I have that I don’t know in “real life”. The rest are friends and relatives that I have bullied into subscribing.

    I occasionally post a link from my blog to my Facebook page, but I don’t know if it has ever got me any new readers. I’m working on the theory that I shall slowly seep into people’s minds on a drip feed basis. πŸ˜‰

    You bullied your friends and family into reading? I think I tried that (okay, no real bullying involved) but it just never clicked with them. – Daisy

  5. I say bully. But it was more of a pester really. I made it so it was easier for them just to give in. πŸ™‚

    I am of course kidding. I’m very pleased to say that most people I tell are genuinely interested, which is great to hear.

    I’m glad your friends/family get it! – Daisy

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