Posted by: Daisy | January 22, 2009

Oh crap. Not again!

Some days it sucks to be me.

If you’ll recall, I got a speeding ticket last summer referenced in these two posts entitled Where the Mullets aren’t, and Guilty and Happy.  Today – I can add yet another to my collection.  (Sidenote, before last summer, I’ve never had a speeding ticket before in my life and I’ve been a licensed driver for many many years.)

I had been stuck in traffic for quite some time and beginning to panic about getting to my destination on time when I finally got off the highway and turned onto a major road.  I’ve been quite careful about my speed since the last ticket so when the cop signaled me to pull over, I was quite surprised.  I looked down at my speed and wondered “Why in the world would he stop me for going 5 Km over the speed limit?”.  Well, apparently, the speed limit was only 50 Km, and he clocked me at 66 Km.  Bugger.  Well, that sucks.  Seriously.  Why would that stretch be only 50 Km when.. oh nevermind.

This time, I’ll have to go to downtown Toronto court to book a date, and have a chat with yet another Prosecutor.  Sigh.

– Daisy



  1. That’s too bad about the speeding ticket karma. The last time I got caught speeding, I was on my way to the airport. I wasn’t late or anything, just really excited and was going 100 k in an 80 zone. The cop knocked it down, TG, so I didn’t get any points taken off.

    Good luck with the prosecutor.

    Thanks. I think the karma is that the cops are out with speed traps during the weekdays (and in the daytime) – I’ve gotta get off the streets and stop driving during the day or something! – Daisy

  2. Yikes… I’ve never gotten a ticket, but the day I get one, I can honestly say that I probably deserve it. **blush** Is lead foot genetic?

    I dunno. But hubby says if I get another ticket, he’s banning me from driving this car. Except now I’ve gotten a ticket in both cars! He’s just looking for an excuse to ban me from driving the newer car! – Daisy

  3. Oh man, I hate getting pulled over. Even if the cop just gives me a warning and lets me go, I feel like a kid who just got swatted. Humiliating.

    Good luck!

    I wish he could have just given me a warning. Instead, I’ll have to make my way to court, again. At least it’s a different court. – Daisy

  4. Ouch! That must have hurt. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket, but have had two for not wearing my seat belt – right after they passed the law. Now the car doesn’t move unless I’m buckled in.

    Thanks for the visit! We’ve always had a seatbelt law here since before I started driving, so I actually find it strange to get into a car and not have the seatbelt on. And then, I take it another step further – everytime, I see someone in the movies, or in real life without a seatbelt, I notice! Oh dear me. – Daisy

  5. Man your system sound so much better than ours. I got caught twice. The first time I was doing 35mph in a 30 zone … and they drop the points if you are willing to pay £90 to go on a “Speed Awareness” course … which was dire!

    Second time I was going 50 in what I thought to me a 50 zone but for no apparent reason was actually a 30 zone. Man I was not happy. Shows how much effect the “Speed Awareness” course had though!

    what do they teach you in speed awareness? I’ve found that I’m really looking for speed signs.. there’s a really tricky one along my way home that shows going westbound as it goes from 80km to 60km, however, going eastbound, you’d think it says 60km, then 80km, but it doesn’t. The 80km sign is like halfway between one major street and the next… I only know/think it should be 80km because westbound is! Sigh. See. Spending too much time thinking when I should just be driving. – Daisy

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