Posted by: Daisy | January 23, 2009

The Strike Continues

I used to work with a union.  No, I never paid any union dues.  It was quite difficult at times and sometimes more frustrating than getting my little guy to get dressed and ready for school.  However, I’ll give my little guy a pass since he’s still a kid and is allowed to act like one.

I have my thoughts about unions in general but then I found this article in MacCleans about the York University strike that is now in week 12.  Obviously, students have been affected, on-campus businesses have been hard hit, and I’m sure the list goes on.  I enjoyed how logical, and well written the author’s thoughts were providing information to allow you to form your own conclusion about the strike.  I already have my skewed ideas, so it was refreshing to see someone who could tell it much better than I. 

I’ll add my 2 cents worth regarding two aspects of the contract negotiations – 1) money, 2) stability.  I have never heard of a company/organization guaranteeing 22 new full time hires and a 10.7% increase in pay over 3 years.  From what I can tell, there are no guarantees in life except death and taxes, and when someone offers you guarantees like that while companies left, right and centre are laying off in the thousands, then I suggest you rethink just what it is you’re looking for.  By the way York U, did you hear Microsoft just announced jobs losses of up to 5,000?

Clearly it’s difficult for me to write balanced words on the union.  Go read the article at MacCleans if you want more balance, but be forewarned, it’s a little skewed as well. 🙂

– Daisy


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