Posted by: Daisy | January 27, 2009

The Cookie Sin

Please forgive me, for I have sinned.

We were invited to bake cookies with a neighbour and as a special treat, we got to bring home an entire plate full of the yummy cookies.  Like a good mother, I limited the # of cookies the little one could have to only two.  Even as I was eating my two very scrumptious soft cookies, I was thinking, “Oh no, how in world can I stop myself from eating more?!!  These are delicious!”.  Somehow, I put on the good motherly hat, and prevented myself from inhaling the entire plate before walking out the door.

When we got home with said plate of cookies in hand, I allowed one more and indicated that we were going to have dinner soon.  I explained that he could have more tomorrow (that would be today now) if he behaved and was generally a good boy. 

In the evening, when Hubby returned home and the little Cookie Monster was in bed, I exclaimed to Hubby that he’d better watch out because the cookies were incredibly good.  I snatched one, then another.  And before I knew it, I took the 2nd last one and said to Hubby, if you want the last one, you’d better take it now or else I won’t be able to stop myself.

I had completely lost my mind.  Completely.  I became Mrs. Cookie Monster and I’m feeling so ashamed.  I forgot that I had promised Cookie Monster more cookies today.  And this was around 9:30pm.  Oh my, what can a Bad Mommy do?  I called the neighbour who started all of this and asked her if, by chance, she happened to have ONE more cookie and that I’d be forever indebted to her.  She laughed and said, “sorry – but we ate them all!”  Acck.  Lightening will strike me down.  I am sure of it.  You do not deprive Cookie Monster of a cookie, especially after he played the part of a good boy so well.

I believe it’s time for me to go to the store to buy ingredients to make cookies.  It’s only been 10+ years since the last time I baked cookies.  I suppose the real sin will be that I’ll have a whole new plate of cookies to try not to eat.

– Daisy



  1. “I had completely lost my mind” – hilarious.
    But did you not know that they put something in the ingredients that makes you that way, so technically it’s not your fault (I’m trying to help you out here!)

    Yes, thank you for the help.. it’s all making me a feel a little better… like I couldn’t HELP MYSELF and it’s okay! It happens to the best of us! – Daisy

  2. Cookies… yum… Dangerous at our house too. Great post.

    /Thanks Mrs. V. I never realized just how dangerous.. I baked a whole new pile of them and he’s good but now I’m having trouble with all them cookies! – Daisy

  3. Sometimes my cookies don’t make it from the oven to the table, they just vanish!

    Phew. I ate half a cookie for each tray that baked… and then another 1 or 2 after they cooled just to make sure they were still good. – Daisy

  4. The way I see it you were taking it for the team. You were doing your motherly duty to save you son from what was quite clearly a path to certain addiction.

    I often throw myself under that bus for my kids too … I’m nice like that 😀

    I need to save myself from the path to certain addiction! – Daisy

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