Posted by: Daisy | January 27, 2009

“You forgot the cat”

Me, Hubby, Boy, Dog

Me, Hubby, Boy, Dog


My sister made a robot with my son on Sunday.  Last night, I decided I’d follow the theme and make a team of robots to help save the world from the imminent destruction of something or other.  So, I made the blue-haired one.  My little one enjoyed the idea of an army, and asked me to continue, so I did.  I had no intention of making our family, however, he seemed to think that the robots were representations of us.  So, of course, our family just is not complete without the animals, so I attempted to make a dog robot which I think turned out, pretty well!  We were ready to storm the castle when it turns out I forgot to make the cat.  I promised him I’d make the cat tonight and we’ll save mankind later.

– Daisy



  1. I want to see the cat

    There has been a delay due to unforeseen circumstances. I’ll take a photo once he’s made… – Daisy

  2. Why does your dog have wings?

    Why does my dog have huge shoulders and a strange tail? – Daisy

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