Posted by: Daisy | February 2, 2009

Ice Mummy

“Stop reading.  It’s freaking me out!”, 5 year old says
“Really?  Is it the pictures, or the story that’s freaking you out?”, I say
“The pictures”, 5 year old says
“Okay, then we won’t look at them, okay?” I say

Wow. What kind of an ice mummy am I, to take my needs (I wanted to continue reading the book) over my child’s? 

My little one and I have been talking about mummys for a while and he was quite concerned about them.  I had to explain that walking mummys are not real mummys but are actually real, live people pretending to be a mummy.  I had to simplify it to, “if you see a walking mummy, it’s pretend.”  We talked about mummys here, and mummys there and why people would mummify people – to be honest, I don’t do the subject any justice.  Thank goodness the boy does not pull out an encyclopedia on me, nor does he have nightmares.

With all this talk about mummys, when I saw the title of this book – Ice Mummy – I snatched it with superhero speed and threw it into our library bag.  As I was reading, he was obviously enjoying the book and found it very fascinating, however, the pictures were a little graphic if I may say so myself. But true is good.  This book is a “Step into Reading” book that tells the true tale of the discovery of a Mummy in the ice in the Alps in 1991.

This fabulous story tells the discovery of the ice mummy and the people involved. It talked about the tools used and the logic and information used to determine its age. It was fabulous for teaching kids how scientists used problem solving skills to figure out the mystery. I loved it.

Then, even after reading the book, we talked about it for hours with my 5 year old saying to Dad, “You know the ice mummy was wearing a jacket and also wore shoes.  And he even had an ax?!!”.

Now how many grown-ups have ever heard of a mummy wearing a jacket and shoes carrying an ax?!!  Sounds more like an Ice Daddy to me.  DOH!  🙂

– Daisy



  1. bless him

    he is very special, my little one. – Daisy

  2. Very cute story! 😀

    Thanks Mrs. V – I’m sure you get PLENTY of cool stories and thoughts from the kids you hang with! – Daisy

  3. I think son simply has a great understanding of the equality of the sexes…

    Who knows. I think he just thinks its very cool a mummy wears clothes and carries things. Thanks for the visit! 🙂 – Daisy

  4. thinks… this funny comment form has me in a quandry…. why is it so different from the ususal?!

    It looks good to me.. is it that unusual from the others? WordPress *is* different from blogger, but other than that, I thought it was pretty standard.

  5. How on earth do explain mummification? I don’t understand it and I’m 40!
    I love the things they learn through books. I think the way they learn like a sponge sucking up information is just fascinating.

    Tara – I don’t understand it either. I simply told him that some people would preserve some folks who died and that there were many ways to do it. We use Scooby Doo as an example because they tend to have a lot of mummys chasing the group. I didn’t want to get graphic else I gross myself out or freak him out. Anytime he starts asking questions beyond my capability (that happens a lot), I say “I don’t know, do you want to look it up and find out more?” – sometimes he does, and other times, he doesn’t. I was very surprised with his first mummy question since I find the topic a little gruesome. – Daisy

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