Posted by: Daisy | February 3, 2009

Economy sucks. Spend wildly.

Economic times are harsh, aren’t they?  I turn to my right and someone tells me, “you better save what you’ve got”; I turn to my left and someone tells me, “take that job, any job will do”; and I turn back to the front, and the sales person says, “wow, that dress looks stunning on you”.  Who do you think I listen to?

Beth at So the Fish Said posted a great little meme with 5 questions.  This isn’t it.  However, this post does attempt to answer the first question which is:

Remember the movie Brewster’s Millions?  That happens to you, except on a smaller scale. You receive a million dollars that you must spend in 30 days. However, you cannot have any assets to show for the money at the end of the month (and you can’t buy something and then destroy it), you cannot waste the money, you cannot give it away, and you cannot tell anyone what you are doing. How do you ditch the dough in a month or less?

Okay.  One million dollars to spend over the next 30 days.  Here goes.

I’ve thought of a few ideas that you could easily do a few times, and with the right volume of people, the money would be spent.  The secret ingredients are Services times Volume of People.

Here are some ideas:

1) Go out to your favourite restaurant. Or maybe a restaurant you’ve always wanted to, but couldn’t afford. Ask to speak with the restaurant owner, and tell him that you’ll pay for everyone’s dinner that night if he can get all patrons to contribute a minimum $20 to a cause or charity that is near and dear to his heart.

For 300 dinners in one night at appoximately $100 each, that would be $30,000.

2) Plan a Great Costume Party – have event planner(s) brainstorm a party for a local, community group that’s near and dear to your heart. Have a charity in mind. Be specific about the date, and pay extra, extra for the last-minute planning. Pay the costume rental companies for all costumes and tip them extra nicely if they take good care of the customers. Ask guests to donate $20 to the charity chosen.

For 300 guests at $300+ per person, that’s a minimum of $90,000, but it would likely be more.

3) Take the kids from your local school on a very, very special trip to the local museum, science centre, or whatever spot you can rent for a day. Rent it out exclusively for the 300 or so kids from the local school. Pay double to triple their normal revenue for that venue on that day. Make it worth their while. Ask guests to donate $5 to charity.

I can not even estimate this one since I do not know the size of typical venues and number of guests that go through. I know it would be a pretty big number though, so big number * $20 per person = A very big number.

4) Try taking kids or adults alike to a flying or flight simulation deck.  Whether it’s helicopter flights, or Fighter Plane Simulations.  Again, take a gang of friends and family and offer to pay the venue a price that will cover their regular revenue, in order for you to have an exclusive day in the sky.  Tip very well if the service is great.  Always ask for a donation from guests.

This one will be less money for fewer people, but probably a thrill of a lifetime.

5) Okay, near and dear to my shopping heart.  Have a special spa day for you and your 19 best girlfriends.  In addition to the massages, and manicures and pedicures, make-up, hair and all that, don’t forget to include a personal shopper for each one to help them each find clothes that flatter them.  Give them Stacy and Clinton if you will.  Show them how fabulous they can look.  Give them a day to remember.

Don’t forget to ask for a donation.  Although this too is less money, if you want to spend the money quickly, simply ask each of the 19 girlfriends to name 19 of their best friends to do it again (except any one person can only do it 2 times in total so we share the gift with others).

How’s that for spending a million bucks?  I’m sure I can think of more.  I’m sure you can too.  Please do share, especially if you win some millions!

– Daisy



  1. I think I would take over an hotel for a couple of weeks and round up the homeless in town, put them in there and tell them for a £1 a week they can stay and eat there.

    Yes, that would work too! It seems easy enough to spend a million, doesn’t it? – Daisy

  2. See, I wanted to do the whole “donate to charity thing” with my answer, but I wasn’t clever enought to think of it in the way you did.

    Can you just image the impact you could have on an organization with a million dollars? I think the million dollars given to you would pale in comparison to the donations you would recieve. People tend to give more when you don’t give them a set amount that they have to donate.

    I wish this could really happen…

    Clever? My idea? Why, thank you Tai, and thanks for the visit! Yeah, I figured there’s gotta be a way that I could somehow put the money to good use even if *I* can’t donate it. It’s all about figuring out the perspective of the other person (ie, business owner) to see what their motivation is and why it would make sense for them so that it’s a win for them, their customers and ultimately for me (ie, I spend the money without getting an asset). It sure would be fun if this could really happen though. I could try out a whole bunch of new things. – Daisy

  3. These are great ideas and much more humanitarian than travel the world. I figured if I was going to see as many countries as I could in 30 days that I would have to hire my own pilot and plane to get around…which could get really expensive to have a plane and pilot on standby.

    Hey Krush, that’s very cool too. I suppose hiring your own pilot on standby could be expensive.. I suppose somewhere in the millions, I too, could take some time and money to go travel somewhere! – Daisy

  4. With that kind of money, I would go on lots of trips, buy my parents some stuff, and invest the rest.

    Yes, I would definately be investing too, but unfortunately, that’s against the Brewster’s Millions rules! – thanks for the visit. – Daisy

  5. Actually, I can’t think of a single thing. I’d be too dumbstruck if I even won $2 at a church raffle to know what to do with it! :p

    If you win $2 at the church raffle, I’d suggest you not make any significant changes. Thanks for the visit and I love your comics! 🙂 – Daisy

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