Posted by: Daisy | February 5, 2009

You, with the Snarky Attitude

Someone ticked me off royally the other day and the worst part about the whole situation is that I LET her tick me off.  I let her bad attitude rub off on me and ruin my morning.  The whole time, I’m thinking that I’m above this, and it’s her, not me, yet I could not help myself.

Her made up name is Sarah and she was at my morning class.  This is very early in the morning before the sun wakes up, and the brain is still asleep.  I made a few errors in choreography and was laughing at myself and telling the class “oops, we went a little early, so we’ll have a few more reps than usual”.  It’s really not a big deal because ultimately, as long as I’m leading an effective class, what’s wrong with pushing your body for a few more reps?

Well, Sarah, whom I’ve never particularly liked because she has shown other signs of rudeness, gave me an audibly loud sigh of frustration and dropped her arms while holding the weights. Her sigh was so loud, that I could hear it over the music, and if I could hear it at the front, then everyone else could hear it around her. She coupled her nasty sigh with a nasty look that made her look – nasty.

A gazillion things went through my head and I became confrontational.  My inside voice said:

“If you think this is so bloody easy, then why don’t you get up on stage and teach?”
“Wow, I don’t need your attitude this early in the morning”
“Work it Sarah, work it.  Stop being such a smuck and don’t take things so seriously.”
“Looks like someone pissed in your cereal this morning.  Let’s just get on with it.”
“If you don’t like the way I teach, you don’t have to come.”

What I actually said was, “Don’t stop now, work your biceps FURTHER!”

Of course, the rest of the class was great and I don’t think they missed a beat, but oh, how I wanted to slap her for acting like she’s still in high school and the teacher just told her she’s got more homework.

What could be a sensible thing to say in this case? She’s never there early, nor does she stay to the end so I can not pull her aside to talk to her like a grown up – it would have to be said over the mic in front of the class. Do I need to say anything at all? What about the next time because she will give me bad attitude again. What do I say then?

Do I need to remind the class that they’re there to have a good workout, to not take themselves (or me) too seriously and have a good time?

– Daisy



  1. I think you external response (although not as funny as your internal ones) was bang on. If she leaves early why not address the rest of the class about how it’s all a bit of fun and to not take it too seriously. They’ll know who/what you’re talking about. Let’s face it they are the ones that you should be concentrating, not “Miss Grumpy Panties”. 🙂

    Oh, the “knickers in a knot” phrase comes to mind. Thank you for your wisdom – yes, I need to remember who I’m there for. – Daisy

  2. I just started taking excercise classes and I’m in complete awe of the instructors. Wow… She has some nerve. If I saw someone doing that, as a student, I would distance myself away from her, and her negative energy. Don’t let her suck you down to her level. Focus on the positives your bringing to the others. I find it refreshing when an instructor says “oops…” makes me feel like less of a clutz, LOL.

    We’re not SUPPOSED to admit it when we goof, but I always do because I figure, what the heck – we all make mistakes and it lets the class know that it’s okay to goof up – Daisy

  3. I forgot to add, before I read your post, I just posted about my excercise class experience today. 🙂 I was saying a lot of “oops” today. 🙂

    Yes! Hipping, Hopping and Grooving! Check out my fitness blog. I’m not sure where you are on your journey, but try this one on for size:

    or this is the first post…

    – Daisy

  4. I agree that your response was spot on. The only time I would say something to her is if she ever deliberately disrupted the class in any way. Then it would be a case of taking her aside in private and tactfully asking her what’s up. Of course, my natural instinct would be to perpetrate some kind of violence on her, but that’s not acceptable behaviour in our society… which is a good thing, I hasten to remind myself. :p

    Would a clear slap upside the head be considered violence? I’ll try to keep my inside voice inside despite my instinct to slap her silly for acting her shoe size and not her age. Sigh. – Daisy

  5. As long as the rest of the class didn’t mind, I wouldn’t bother about her.

    Yes, it seems that would be the right thing to do. I suppose once in a while, I’ll just let people get to me. Uggh. – Daisy

  6. Note to self. Re-read my words before clicking the “submit” button. 😦

    Don’t worry about it – no one’s giving you a grade or anything! Just smile and find/post more hilarious videos for me. Thanks! 🙂 – Daisy

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