Posted by: Daisy | February 13, 2009

It’s like Comfort Food

Soup has always been my comfort food. Whenever I’m feeling sick, I find that I always reach for the ol’ staple of soup. It comes in lots of varieties but my favourite is likely minestrone and chicken with rice. There’s something about the warmth that makes me feel a little better and feeling a touch more alive.

I find that there are blogs that make me feel the same way. They come in all varieties appealing to the many different sides of me. Yet, some are very much like comfort food for me and I’m rarely disappointed.

Like anybody else, there are some days when I’m not really in much of a mood to read or write. The past week has been one of those weeks. My google reader is currently at 44 blogs (which is a lot for me) and on days when I don’t want to read, guess what? I don’t read. Or write. Except, I will still check my handful of comfort blogs to see what’s up, and they never disappoint.

To those comfort blogs out there, thank you for being someone’s Comfort Soup.

– Daisy



  1. Oh dear you sound a bit down.

    It’s a number of things at once, but you can’t always be super happy, right? 🙂 Besides, I’ve got great blog soup I’ll check out later! – Daisy

  2. Yeah, soup rocks! Especially the chunky ones that have lots of veggies and meat and stuff… mmm… kinda like how good blogs have a little bit of everything in them. It keeps one interested and feeling nourished. Great analogy! 🙂

    Yes, I particularly like the chunky ones too! In fact, I tend to add more stuff to soup.. and it looks more like stew. “Blog Soup” – I thought of that name after I posted it. Tee hee. I’ll probably write another post about Blog Soup sometime! Daisy

  3. Me too. Not the soup, the comfort blogs. I mostly like the ones that make me laugh. Those are always awesome and one.

    Yes, humour is fabulous.. I only wish I could do humour myself! – Daisy

  4. Seems like soup is making a comeback!!

    Here’s a recipe I made tonight that was really decadent and delicious yet super easy.

    Erina, thanks for the visit and comment. I do love soup – I’ll have to check out your recipe soon. – Daisy

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