Posted by: Daisy | February 16, 2009

Happy Family Day

You know I don’t normally say anything about politics here, so, this is very near and dear to my heart when I write that I’m so glad the provincial goverment decided to give Ontarians a holiday in February.

Today is Family Day. A holiday between New Year’s and Easter that seems to just do the trick in bridging winter with spring. For me, it is a holiday that puts the spotlight on spending quality time building lego-land structures, or whatever it is you and your family likes to do. Thank you, for Family Day.

– Daisy


  1. Now, Family Day sounds good and fun and all, but there you go mentioning Lego! What we really need is an International Lego Day where everyone gets to play with Lego! How cool would that be? :p

    Lego Day would be pretty cool! You should have seen the cool things we built up though.. and we broke them all. What would be hilarious if we could have a house (okay, maybe just a room) that looked like it was built with Lego pieces. Tee hee, I’m imagining the fun already – Daisy

  2. 🙂 we’ve had family day here since 1990 ~ am so glad it is catching on in other provinces … i love having a day devoted to just being with each other, today we did pajama movie day, soooo good!!

    1990?!! Wow. This was only our 2nd Family Day! We didn’t get out of our jammies until after noon.. so it could have been jammie lego day? 😉 – Daisy

  3. what a lovely idea, although I can’t immagine that it would work here, parents already moan about the amount of school holidays, (13 weeks) training days (4 a year). I used to love the school holidays, I could spend all day with my son and we could go out and play.

    I already moan a little about PA and PD days (those are days that the kids don’t go to school, but aren’t holidays for anyone else so many would scramble on that day).. if you’ve already got a lot of holidays, then enjoy! – Daisy

  4. Hmmm … I like the Idea, but I would rather have the days off in summer. Oh man I am longing for some sunshine!

    We get a long-weekend pretty much every month from April until October.. and then a big lull from Jan until April.. that’s why they introduced it. Summer days are good too. – Daisy

  5. Family Day sounds like a wonderful idea.

    It is! Write/talk to your local government folks and make a case for it if you think it would work in your area – Daisy

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