Posted by: Daisy | February 18, 2009

Blog Obituary

I read about an exercise to write an obituary if your blog were to ‘die’ in 10 years after you have achieved everything you wanted your blog to achieve. It was to be written about how you’d like your blog to be perceived – it’s successes, and impact and all that good stuff. Then part two of the exercise was to write an obituary for your blog today, as if for some reason today was it’s last day. It was to be written about how you think others would perceive it to be, right now. Lastly, you were to look at the differences between the two obituaries.

The point of the exercise, was to determine if there was a difference between the two and make you realize, 1) what your goals are, and 2) think about what steps you are going to take to achieve them.

What was telling about my two obituaries was that there was no real difference. It is what it is. It achieves what I want it to achieve and in fact, does even more than I expected. It is an outlet for me, first and foremost, and allows me to share and write to my heart’s content. If you were to compare it to other blogs, I can certainly see lots of ways it could be improved, but ultimately, is achieving those things what would make me happy? And after I’ve reached those milestones, then what?

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good challenge, but when it comes to blogging, there doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal – whatever that is, because if you start comparing yourself to others, you’ll always find someone better, stronger, faster, smarter, whatever. Sometimes, it’s just good to do what you love, unconditionally. Don’t put limits on your own happiness.

My obituaries would read that this blog existed happily on its journey and had a positive impact on others. The end.

– Daisy



  1. Simple and from the heart is how I would describe your blog and why I like returning to it. Signing your posts is a nice touch. Daisy of course is a lovely name, which helps.

    ~ Zeke

    Why, thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoy it and keep coming back. I’ve officially given up trying to regularly stay on top of the Old Fart because.. well, you write too fast! So I’ll catch up again in a reading frenzy another day. – Daisy

  2. I thought about this and I couldn’t do it, I blog for some many reasons, sometimes to have a moan and let of steam, sometimes to share things, and sometimes just to see who I can wind-up! haha

    Oh, that’s so cute.. and for some reason, it doesn’t surprise me that sometimes it’s to see who you can get a little frazzled! 🙂 Daisy

  3. I don’t think I would be asked to write my blog’s obituary seeing as I frequently neglect it and chances are it would have been me that had eventually killed it 🙂 I could be like the husband on TV disingenuously asking for the killer to come forward 😈

    To be honest, I have always had the intention of using my blog as a semi-public diary … to let out what is going on in my mind. I don’t write it to be read by others, but I like the interaction of the small community of regular readers.

    I do it because I can, not to achieve any particular goal. So what would I like it to be in 10 years? I guess I want it to be what it is now, just a bunch of snapshots of my life, my thoughts as well as pictures and stories of my kids growing up. I suppose I would like a few of the last posts to be on how happy my children are and the difficult nature of deciding where to invest all of my new found wealth 🙂

    Did some guy go on TV saying that?!! It’s okay to neglect it once in a while, and even if you are the one to kill it for one reason or another, it’s no big deal. It did what you wanted it to do and when it no longer, you parted ways. You enjoyed your time, and then you moved on. Sounds like a healthy relationship to me. – Daisy

  4. I guess I’d have no idea what my blog obituary would say. I like yours, though.

    Thanks to you and yours, you’ve helped me laugh, cry and deal with my little “bumble”. Plus, you just make me laugh, cry and deal. Thank you, Mrs. V. – Daisy

  5. I tried, but writing my blog’s obituary is not for me. I love yours though! Honest. Simple. Uplifting even. It puts a big smile on my face anyway. :p

    My blog can only ever be a product of whatever I am at the time. I think Bob Dylan said it best: “I change during the course of a day. I wake and I’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else.” I think blogging is a lot like that. You post whatever you feel or are at the time.

    Sometimes when I’m in the grip of depression, doing another strip and text piece can be of benefit. At other times I’m content, and the blog reflects that. There are also times where I don’t know what I am or what I’m doing here… and what am I supposed to feel? It’s then that I put my questions into the mouths of little pigs and leave it at that. My blog is an extension of me. I suspect it is for Cassy too. 🙂

    I can’t write an obituary for my blog – as useful as that excercise would undoubtedly be – because I can’t cast my mind outside of actually doing the whole blogging thing! I’ll lay it down when I have to lay it down… until then, I’ll keep going. :p

    I think you’ve got it right there. Your blog is an extension of you and what you’re thinking/feeling/doing. And my favourite part? “It’s then that I put my questions into the mouths of little pigs and leave it at that.” – oh how I wish I could put my questions into the mouths of little pigs! I hope you continue to enjoy writing your blog as much as we enjoy reading it. Daisy

  6. Cool exercise, cool answer.

    Thank you! Daisy

  7. Brave, brave people who choose to write their own obituaries. I write them about others and this is difficult enough. I’m not up to the challenge but thanks for at least making me ponder what it might say.

    Cool, so glad it made you think and thanks for the visit – Daisy

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