Posted by: Daisy | February 23, 2009

An afternoon with Todd

His name was Todd. I didn’t really know that much about him. I found out later that he had a wife, a baby less than a year old and he lived downtown.  I knew he’d been doing this for many many years, and he convinced me, in a very nice way, to spend more time with him – that afternoon in fact.

I had never, ever done this before and was a little nervous, but he led me upstairs and told me, “everything will be just fine”. I wondered, what will others think if they find out?  Will people frown at me?  Will they judge me?  And ultimately, do I care if they do? 

I did not object to the fact that I needed to sign a waiver, as well as take out my credit card. Todd was a professional afterall, and I wanted someone who knew what they were doing.

He was patient, and worked for more than 2 and a half hours.  At one point, he told me he’d never worked on anyone so “chiseled” and I’m sure I blushed and thought he was such a charmer.  In this line of work, it doesn’t hurt to charm the ladies I suppose.  After he was done, I returned home and surprised my husband with Todd’s work.

I waited almost 20 years and on November 25th, 2008, I finally took the plunge with art that symbolizes a very important time and part of my life.


– Daisy, who will write more about this at a later date.



  1. Nice Tat Daisy, and I love the way your post was worded, it made me chuckle. I have a several tattoos myself , I may well post about mine at some point.

    Thank you – I had fun writing it. I’m looking forward to hearing about yours and what they’re all about! – Daisy

  2. I agree with jono… that is a GREAT tattoo. My wife has one of a butterfly. She loves it, and needless to say, I do too! 🙂

    Thanks – yes, I do love it! – Daisy

  3. Very nice tattoo. You are a brave woman. The very thought makes me a tad squeamish. Great story. 🙂

    What’s a little pain? The way I remember it.. I’ve been through labour.. just how hard can it be?!! 🙂 – Daisy

  4. ow,ow,ow,ow i am with Mrs Vierkant

    Ha ha ha.. well worth the ow ow ow for me! – Daisy

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