Posted by: Daisy | February 24, 2009

Creative Classifieds

Oh, this is good.


This person is looking for work in my geographic area, no kidding.  If you ask me, I think he communicates very well and likely could be a real asset to the right organization.  I like how he positions his business experience, and the creativity he’s used.  I’m sure it’ll be tough for him to find the right company and people who will take him seriously and I honestly hope he is successful.

If you want to see more funny classifieds, try this link where that ad came from.

– Daisy



  1. I have to say that were I a prospective employer, I would do well to appreciate his honesty. At least the man is not trying to hide his past and is owning up to it right off the bat. I hope someone gives him a chance.

    On the other hand, I’d feel like a total newbie if it turned out to be a prank of some sort! :p

    Yeah, I’d feel like a toad if it was a prank, but I figure there’d be additional ways to check on more than just ‘references’. – Daisy

  2. Well he sure knows how to get people to read his ad! Who could see it and not be intrigued?

    He did choose a good paper, but my take on it is his target audience would be unlikely to see the ad. He needs to network with people to get the right role. – Daisy

  3. That’s one way of going about it!

    Yeah, if only I could be that creative?!! – Daisy

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