Posted by: Daisy | February 24, 2009

Looks like fun

I’m thinking of teaching a low-impact fitness class called Body Vive. It looks like so much fun and is new to the area where I live.  It is very different from the other classes I currently teach, Body Attack and Body Pump and as an instructor, it’s very important to balance out the types of classes we teach along with the frequency.  You just can’t be at Super High Speed all the time or your body will scream bloody murder in a not so nice way.  Trust me.  Mine has screamed.

But that is more a function of my personality than anything else.  I simply have the tendency to go hard, or not at all.  In the case of Body Vive, I can go hard, knowing that the intensity will not injure my body no matter what I do.

We’ll see in the next few months if I decide to take this path or not.

– Daisy



  1. I’ve never heard of this before, but it certainly isn’t a bad idea to have some variety in your workouts and classes at the very least! 🙂

    Variety is good. Les Mills is a New Zealand company which designs the programs and licenses out to clubs across the world. Unless you’re at a club that offers the programs, then you probably wouldn’t have heard of it. – Daisy

  2. It does look like fun, can’t help thinking I would spend most of my time chasing my ball around the floor though!

    Hey, that’s okay too. If you’re running around chasing the ball, you’re still moving! It’s a squishy ball – easy to hold! – Daisy

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