Posted by: Daisy | March 1, 2009

Finding your Fitness Magic

Sometimes small changes can make such big impacts that we are surprised by the results. What I learned is that sometimes, even one tiny change over a short period of time can become a turning point that can boost self-motivation levels sky-high, in effect, changing lives, like it did with me.

I used to be a regular member of the gym like many other folks. I would go pretty regularly, between 2-3 times per week. I had difficulty getting out of bed on Saturday’s because it was my only chance to sleep in a little, and sometimes, it just didn’t seem worth it. When I did go, I enjoyed it probably as much as most people did.

In December, 2005, I found myself taking holidays from my full-time career and happened to speak to a friend of mine. He knew I had difficulty finding the time to go to the gym because my toddler’s normally running under foot. It was early in my holidays when he indicated I had a great opportunity to go to the gym at any time for 2 weeks since my son would be at daycare. What a fabulous idea and I never even considered it!

I ended up going to the gym a total of 8 times over the 2 weeks – or 4 times per week. When my holidays were finished, I was hooked. The simple change of 4, made such a dramatic difference in my motivation. I can not explain what happened except to say that everything seemed rosier – everything seemed more fun, happy, and sweaty! I felt exhilarated, and I’m sure my endorphins somehow reached a peak that they had not reached before.

I became completely addicted and continued going 4 times per week well into January. From there, I took additional steps including eventually becoming a fitness instructor at the same gym I used to be a member of.

Of course, my friend, never in a million years would have guessed his comment of “hey you can go work out as often as you like” would have taken the turn it did. I have, of course thanked him immensely for kicking me into gear.

My outlook towards exercise completely changed from “I should exercise and I sort of enjoy it.” to “I love exercising and can not do without it.” With that change in attitude, it is amazing the way the excuses all disappear.

If you’re already doing something, but you haven’t really made that mental leap, I ask that you consider trying something out. Make an investment in tweaking and trying something a little different for 2 weeks to see if you can hit on something a little magical. You may find that it will change your life.

How to help find your Fitness Magic

  • Try different activities and/or classes and always give them each a chance. Typically 2-3 times for any one class to determine if you like it or not.
  • Do a variety of things every week to keep the interest level up.
  • Try changing the activity level over a 2 week period. Try playing with shorter visits, more frequency vs longer visits, less frequency.

Good luck, and please share your success stories.

– Daisy



  1. I am so envious. I used to be such a gym bunny. I loved it. Classes was my thing – aerobics, step, boxercise, circuit training. Then I had children and totally lost my mojo.
    I walk now, which I really enjoy as I discover things I would only ever had driven passed at speed. Plus if I’m pushing my daughter in her pushchair it’s like a spot of weightraining too!

    Tara – when mine was still in a stroller, I got a jogging stroller and get this… ROLLER BLADED with him in the stroller. It was great because the jogging stroller had BRAKES. For someone not so good on roller blades, it was the best thing! – Daisy

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