Posted by: Daisy | March 3, 2009

After the rose… whaaat?!!

Warning.  Incoming rant.  Warning.

Oh yes, I endulge in a little bit of silly television once in a while.  I am not a huge Bachelor fan, however, for some reason, there was something about Jason on the latest iteration of Bachelor that made me go, “ahhhhh”.  Perhaps it was the fact that he was a single dad with Tye, or perhaps he just seemed like a down-to-earth kinda guy with real feelings and emotions; whatever the case was, I think women everywhere wished there were more men like Jason in the world.  Until last night, of course.

What in the world was he thinking?  If you haven’t heard/seen/discussed it – the guy chose sweet, caring Melissa and proposed to her.  Then a mere 6 weeks later, he decides it’s not working with Melissa, the chemistry is not the same, and he’s still in love with Molly, and then dumps her on television.  He then turns his sights on the girl he dumped 6 weeks earlier and.. uhhh… Molly – are you still interested?

Cripes.  What happened to decent men?  Are they a dying race or do they just not exist?  I do understand at some level that perhaps he was feeling conflicted and perhaps his personality is not one that does well in choosing between two women he’s had an intense relationship with.  I do not dispute his feelings or confusion for a second.  I do, however, believe in treating others with respect and decency.  It’s one thing to be dumped.  It’s an entirely different thing to be dumped on television.

Perhaps decent men simply don’t make for good television so I wonder what exactly they are looking for in the personalities of their bachelor wannabees – the ability to seem very warm, kind, and in it for all the right reasons, but ultimately be able to deliver excellent ratings by doing the unthinkable?!! 

Sigh.  Jason is making me believe that all those reality-seeking candidates are only there for the fame.  And the dating of multiple ladies at once doesn’t hurt their ego’s either, right?  Do you know what the worst part is?  I’m encouraging this kind of rubbish because I just have to watch Part 2 tonight to find out just how Molly and Jason are now getting along.  Me bad. 😉

– Daisy



  1. you very bad

    Yes, I am. 🙂 Daisy

  2. I will start with the confession to never having watched the program but I am aware of the concept.

    Based on what you have said I agree that he should have had more respect for her than to dump her on TV, but quite frankly she should have had more respect for herself than to have gone on it in the first place! It can hardly have come as much of a surprise

    Yes, I have heard that argument that it is what they signed up for, and I suppose the difference (in my mind) is that what they signed up for was to the point of getting the final rose, and then what’s done is done. However, after reading your note, it’s obvious what’s in their contract is far more, and in a sense – yeah, people did sign up for this, and they did give themselves over to the producers of a reality tv show who’s objective is to get ratings. And if that means, dump a final rose, engaged fiance on TV for ratings, well, then I guess that’s what they do.

    I think there’s some theories out there that the producers coerced (encouraged?) Jason to do it on television rather than a respectful off-camera thing. It’s also interesting the phrases used by both Jason and Molly afterwards and how their phrases can be interpreted in a way that indicates.. yeah, maybe he did have quite a bit of pressure by the producers to do something crazy like this.

    At the end of the day, prepare to be treated without respect when you sign up for reality tv, because that’s what increases viewership. – Daisy

  3. This is one reason why I’m not fond of “reality” television. These people sign up for something where they’re knowingly exploited in the name of ratings and big dollars – it’s crass. Are they THAT deperate for fame and attention that they would whore themselves out like this? These are living, breathing people who surely can’t want to put themselves through something so emotionally degrading… surely? 😦

    Well, surely, you and I wouldn’t want to put ourselves through that.. however, clearly there are plenty of people who’d love to be in that situation. I’m finding that many of those ‘reality stars’ are really just looking for some fame and some have gone on to get some good gigs promoting something they love. So, all the power to them, as long as they’re signing with full knowledge. And, considering the length of those contracts they have to sign, including many having personality/psychological tests done, they know what they’re signing up for. My take anyway. – Daisy

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