Posted by: Daisy | March 14, 2009

Did I fall asleep?

I’ve fallen off the face of the computer it seems.  I’ve been sleeping for many many days and nights, and barely been able to move a muscle, nevermind use those muscle movements into something that turns clickity clack into a post.  Up until this past tuesday, I only left the house twice – once to take my son to the doctor, and another time to buy milk.  It has not been pretty to say the least.

I am now happily on some great prescription drugs that help me fend against these horrid invaders of good health.

I had a few bad nightmares during the worst of it when I felt like I was hallucinating strange dreams every night, all night long.  They included:

911 incident at the gym – I was teaching, and someone collapsed.  We all have our CPR, however, like most trained in CPR, we rarely actually use it.  In my dream, I even remembered all the right things to say and do and in the order that I did them.  Then when it came down to giving two breaths, I hesitated.  My head said… oh dear, I’m sick – I can’t make this poor person more sick when they get to the hospital?  The outside voice (or rather, a bystander in the crowd) said, “if you save their life, they are not going to care that you’re sick”, to which I thought, “why the heck am I even teaching while sick?!!!” and then woke up in a panic.  Oh yes, now I remember – I haven’t taught in weeks – no worries for now, though I might want to brush up on my CPR.

Something happens to me, and my blog dies a long, slow death.  Or just an unexplained death.  Oh gosh.  If something were to happen to me, and I can’t log on.. well, I will then just disappear off the face of the blogosphere.  Poof.  Like that.  And you, all three of you, would be left hanging.  Wondering just where I’ve been.  And when I’m coming back.

My little guy misses so much school, that… he has to take Kindergarten again.  After all the hard work, and the effort in the 08/09 school year, he’s being held back because.. well, he just missed too many days while in his grumpy, demanding, stubbornly sick days.

I’m so thrilled to be on the road to recovery.  There is nothing like a bout of illness that makes you really appreciate how well your body functions when healthy.  Although I’m not quite at 100%, it’s so much better to be at about 80% than to feel like a ton of bricks got unloaded on me, while an elephant stomped and danced around on the bricks, trying to learn a rain dance or something.

– Daisy



  1. I’m so glad to see you back and am very glad to hear you’re on the mend. I actually realised something was amiss quite quickly (just ask my wife how perceptive I usually am, she’ll blogosphere is better with you in it.

    Thanks – it’s very nice to be back. I’ll have to do some catch-up reading tomorrow… Daisy

  2. I did wonder, I thought hyou may have gone away on a trip. Nice to hear you are feeling better.

    Oh, I only wish it had been a nice trip! – Daisy

  3. Somehow I managed to lose a whole chunk of my comment there. For clarity that should have read…

    (just ask my wife how perceptive I usually am, she’ll collapse laughing). I for one think the blogosphere is better with you in it.

    Ahh, that makes a bit more sense. I thought a chunk was missing! So, I guess that means you’re not that perceptive normally? – Daisy

  4. Now I feel bad, since my last post you have been ill, got better and commented on your lack of recent posts …

    Good to see you back 🙂 I too will hold my hand up and say that the Blogosphere is a better place with you in it, so no going “Poof” !

    Puhleez. You have nothing to feel bad about. We all have our own ‘schedule’ for when/how often/what we blog about. Just because you’re always leaving us waiting for more, should not make you feel at all guilty. 😉 – Daisy

  5. I’m perceptive in the same way a house brick is. 🙂

    Oh yes, I think I get it. If the bricks fall all around you and hit you over the head, then you’ll notice that something is amiss, otherwise, it’s just raining bricks – Daisy

  6. I’m glad you’re back too! For a little while, I assumed you were just on vacation. The past couple of days though, I started to wonder if something was really wrong. Needless to say, I was pretty happy to see your post on my site today—I ran right over here to see if you had new posts!

    Take care of yourself. I really do enjoy your posts.

    Thanks Randi! Always nice to hear/see that others appreciate your posts. It’s very nice to be back – I feel like its been a long time, and I whizzed thru other people’s posts quickly to be caught up when normally, I’d prefer to wander thru.. – Daisy

  7. I hope you are feeling better. I’ve been on a bit of a blogcation myself, for work reasons, not health. Feverish dreams are the worst.

    MUCH better. Thanks! – Daisy

  8. Frankly, it’s not like we really know one another or anything, but, yes, I was still concerned when I’d not seen you posting here for a good, long while! But I’m glad that you’re on the mend now, Daisy… very glad. 🙂

    Yeah me too – I am so glad I’m feeling better.. and it’s great having a nice online community of people who don’t know you, but are still concerned. – Daisy

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