Posted by: Daisy | March 19, 2009

Did you see the post on Twitter?

I’ve got I’m not actually a Geek in my google reader and was surprised to find Hutch’s most recent post in a different place – the wordpress dashboard. 

Are you ever surprised by these kind of things?  You know, like seeing someone regularly at one location, and then being completely thrown off when you see them dressed differently and somewhere else?  It always throws me off.  It threw me off so much, I wondered if it was the same blog as the one I followed in my reader.  Duh, yes it is.

Okay, back to his post – what’s even more interesting is his post entitled How to Tweet your way out of a Job.  If you haven’t read it, check it out and see the bonehead move someone made when offered a job with Cisco, and then another link to another bonehead Tweet by a visitor to Memphis.

Let’s step into another person’s shoes and figure out what could be the dumbest way to finish this Tweet:

“I just got offered a job with Cisco and….”

Oh, this could go in so many ways… all bad, I must admit.  I wouldn’t even dare tweet anything while at the critical stage of the job offer.  Then again, I’ve got to admit I’m not even on Twitter. 

Here’s a strange thought – over the past 7 days, I’ve had two completely different conversations about Twitter and why it does not have to be just a time waster or tool for making real bonehead moves.  Strange, coming from someone who hasn’t even signed up.  Sometimes, I wonder if these are signs on my journey of life.  Am I supposed to sign up or something now that I’ve made my case for why it can be good?  Or is the sign telling me I better not sign up because I might make a real bonehead move myself?  🙂

What are your thoughts about Twitter?  Do you, or do you not?  And why/why not?

– Daisy



  1. I do not and I’ve never had the urge to. I am on Facebook but that is more so I can keep in touch with relatives abroad. FB is more than adequate for telling people what I am up to. I just cannot see any point in Twitter for me, although I grant that it may well be very useful for some.

    I can see the point of Twitter (and that’s why I defended it in my two recent conversations), yet I personally haven’t signed up.. besides, I can see how it could become a total waste of time for me and I really don’t need that – Daisy

  2. I read recently how a company was recruiting and had narrowed it’s selection down to three people.
    Someone in HR checked to see if they were on Facebook. One said her hobbies included binge drinking and another had posted photos of a recently party where clothing seemed to optional.
    The third person got the job!

    Excellent. I’m glad HR is doing that search! I think my online profile for both Linkedin and Facebook (which is where I show up in searches) are nothing to be afraid of! 🙂 – Daisy

  3. The trick with Facebook is not to keep the default settings but lock it down. nobody can see anything on my FB that I don’t want them to.

    Exactly. Mine is locked down pretty much so that the only thing you see is my profile pic (nothing crazy there) and basic information so that if you think you might know me, the basic info should be able to confirm if I’m the one you’re thinking of or not. All the rest (private pictures, video’s, etc are for my FRIENDS only). And you know, even those pictures/video’s are nothing I’d be ashamed/afraid of. – Daisy

  4. how about

    … I lied about my previous convictions.

    I’m never good at these.

    I use twitter mainly to find out tech news … but then I am a geek.

    Excellent! That’s a good one. Yes, in my two conversations, I was defending Twitter about how it could be a great tool to get information in the early stages about specific industries/areas of interest. Like Geeky things would be a great example! 😉 – Daisy

  5. I don’t twitter or tweat, whatever it is. I will admit to using Facebook.

    My rule of thumb is never say something on the internet that you wouldn’t say in a room crowded with people. I realize some people have the “I don’t care, like me for who I am” mentality, and let it all hang out.

    To finish the twitter “…I took it because my current boss is an *expletive here*”

    …See I can’t even swear online, for fear that my mother might find out. LOL

    I agree that you should watch what you say… as someone was just saying to me the other day, “how do you know so and so” and I started telling him the multiple connections that got me to him, and he remarked, “oh yes, that’s why you never burn any bridges, because you just don’t know who knows who.” And no worries, there’s no swearing on this blog either. – Daisy

  6. I don’t twitter, I di have a facebook acount, but I only use that to look at me little sisters photos, I find it very boaring

    Facebook is great for sharing pictures/videos of family and friends who aren’t nearby. – Daisy

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