Posted by: Daisy | March 23, 2009

How does Oatmeal cross the road?

I successfully distracted my child from his scary thoughts by talking about Oatmeal.  Now normally Oatmeal is not that interesting a topic, however, on this day, he decided that Oatmeal was the best breakfast food around.

In addition to the cereal he already ate, he decided he also wanted oatmeal for breakfast too.  Well, I could not come up with a reason why he couldn’t also have oatmeal – it’s not like he was asking for candy – so sure thing buddy.

As he ate his oatmeal and I began to internally panic about the time, I began telling him a story of the time when Oatmeal crossed the road.  Carrot Muffin and Oatmeal are apparently friends, and Oatmeal exclaims that he’d like to cross the road.  Carrot Muffin and Oatmeal have a discussion about how difficult it is for Oatmeal to have a shape independent of anything and that getting onto the road was difficult when attached to a bowl and spoon.  Ahh, so, the two plot together to get eaten by a boy who happens to love Oatmeal.

Of course, the story takes a long-winded journey as we get into the details of each spoonful, and each taste as it gets eaten by the young boy.  Ultimately, the boy walks to school with a full tummy of Oatmeal and crosses the road.  By this time, of course, we are almost at school and the distraction has worked incredibly well.

The clincher of course was when my boy said, “how does Oatmeal leave the boy?”  Oh seriously.  Are we going to go there?  He then proceeds to pretend to throw up Oatmeal.  Oh, okay.  I suppose that could have happened too.

Sick, crazy kid.  I wonder who he gets it from.  🙂

– Daisy



  1. LOL! 🙂 Great Story!

    Thanks! I’m sure there will be more. – Daisy

  2. Conversations with boys ultimately always end up with some bodily function.

    You got away lightly!

    Yes, they seem to. It sort of drives me a little bonkers. Tell me.. when does it stop? – Daisy

  3. Hmmm… I’d keep an eye on that one… could be trouble! 😛

    Oh, don’t I know it! – Daisy

  4. That’s great that you made up that story on the fly! He’ll probably remember it forever though.

    Oh, I doubt it. We make up a lot of stories, and this would be just one of many. Then again, he seems to have a memory for strange things. – Daisy

  5. Daisy,

    I just tagged you! Stop by my site and play along if you’d like!


    Thanks! – Daisy

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