Posted by: Daisy | March 23, 2009


I just made up a new word.  It’s Oh-shee.  I came up with it because I was still thinking of a character on BSG, and his name is Hoshi.  Oh-shee and Hoshi have absolutely nothing to do with each other, whatsoever.  My mind just likes to jump from thought to thought, all at the same time.  The reason I made up a new word is because what was actually going through my head was some slow, and methodical swearing.  Many many words came to mind in a elongated, well pronounced kind of way.

No really.  It’s like when time slows down infinately and milliseconds become extremely long seconds as you watch your life slowly pass by..  and your words come out slowly too…  It’s like a sigh.  Oh-shee.  Well, that sucks.

Well, this is certainly new for me.  I don’t normally make up words.  Now I’m starting to sound a little cuckoo, I know.  How about you – do you ever do anything a little cuckoo-ish?

– Daisy


  1. Do I ever do anything cuckoo? Only on a daily basis. :P~~

    Heh heh. I suppose that is true of many of us!! 🙂 – Daisy

  2. My whole life is one big, cuckoo land! For example, I don’t swear if I can help it because – unlike everyone else – letting loose with a tirade of profanity doesn’t actually help me to let off steam… I get angrier and more aggressive. 😮 So what I do is to try and disarm any anger before I get too far by saying silly things like, “fudge” and “drat” and “great bleating heavens”. It’s kinda hard to stay mad when I say nonsense like that! :p

    “Great bleating heavens” – I’ll have to try that one! Oh, and here’s one of my favourites… when you want to swear at someone… wait for it…

    You….. Fuzzy Sock Sucker!

    – Daisy

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