Posted by: Daisy | March 27, 2009

Feeling Guilty

Oh crud.  I just can’t do it anymore.  I’ve bitten off too much, and I gotta let some of it go.  I’m only admitting to it now.  I’m not being fair to myself or others… so I did what seems like the unthinkable…. I cleaned out my google reader.  I took the time, looked at everything in my reader, and started unsubscribing from feeds.  (Oh don’t you worry, I didn’t unsubscribe from yours, good heavens.)

I just realized that having so many in my reader turned it into a bit of a chore and that is not what this should be.  I don’t regret adding them all to my reader in the first place – it is actually how I read blogs in the first place – I throw it into my reader and follow it for a few weeks.  If I consistently get excited with many new posts, then I remember it and start looking out for it.  If not, then I’d unsubscribe eventually.  I suppose I just forgot to unsubscribe for a while and wham, bam, my google reader became a huge pile that covered up even the gems I loved.

I know I shouldn’t feel guilty.  However, it is how I feel and there’s no arguing with your feelings, is there?

– Daisy

P.S. Tony – I’ve been waiting very patiently for a new post on Trottersville for a long time now.  I’ll keep waiting, but patience is not one of my strengths.

2 minutes later – the update:  OMG – I’ve missed out on Trottersville posts because something funny happened to my google reader!  Bleating heavens!  (hey, I used it!), and I curse you Google Reader for making me miss out!  You Fuzzy Sock Sucker, I won’t let this happen again!

Mental note:  Go directly to the sites every so often.



  1. I tried google reader for a while, but I like going to the blogs better

    I’m lazy. It’s that simple. I tend to only go to the blogs if I have a comment to make, otherwise, I read from my reader. I’ll know now that I still need to visit once in a while in case there’s a glitch or something! – Daisy

  2. “You Fuzzy Sock Sucker”

    Officially my new favourite phrase, said very carefully of course. 🙂

    Hey, glad you like it! I rarely say it out loud (in case I goof) but when I think of it or say it, I always think of my first cat (who passed away a few years ago) because he actually loved to suck on socks. Very charming, actually. I miss him. – Daisy

  3. hmmmm … i haven’t gotten an update from trottersville in a very long time either, must check my google reader functionality ~ grrrrrrr


    i totally need to do a google reader cleanse, sigh … its hard, so very hard … but necessary too with my supra busy life … sigh

    Not sure why it’s still not working for me. I’ll look into it at a later date. In the meantime, I feel much more ‘cleansed’. – Daisy

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