Posted by: Daisy | April 1, 2009

She’s a write-off

As I mentioned in the car graveyard post, I was afraid she’s a goner and well, it’s official.  She has been unplugged and off life support. I have her license plates and I’ve signed her over to the insurance company. It’s done.

I cannot truly express how I feel.  I have been looking actively for other options over the past few days (yes, days, not weeks) because somewhere deep, I had this fantasy idea that maybe, just maybe she’d get fixed. But alas, that was a silly thought and now I’m playing the game of, QUICK – find wheels!

The truth is, we’ve even had discussions and thoughts about the need for a car, and other options including car sharing, rentals, taxi’s and the like. It became apparent pretty quickly that I live a life of requiring my own car. To put it simply – I teach 6 days a week travelling to gyms here and there which although are not far, they are certainly not walking distance or easily accessible by transit from my home. Unless I plan to bike it with my little guy strapped on somehow, I do need a car.

So, there’s a need, and then, there’s a want.  Someone mentioned to me that this would be a great opportunity to get that little convertible, however, I have to be practical and know that I need a 4 door so I can easily get the kid in and out of the car.  That would mean it also needs seats in the back, to match with the 2 doors in the back.  But hey, I can certainly look at my needs and wants in a practical way.  It is apparently a great time to look at buying because there are a lot of full lots of cars with every colour available.  All the dealerships I’ve been in have touted how much of a savings this year’s cars are vs previous years and how we’re really getting a great deal.  Sure.  Okay.  But back to the needs, if you don’t have a car I want, then it’s not really a deal, now is it?

Our basic needs like size, reliability, safety, fuel efficiency, etc had to be met which narrowed the field.  After that, it’s a lot to do with how it feels.  For someone like me who’s very experiential, how it feels is extremely important and will sway the choice dramatically.

We have been looking for 5 speed manual and this has made the feel thing quite simply a “wow” or “okay”.  First off, very few dealerships have standard cars for test drive, so all the new cars we’ve tried have been an automatic test drive.  They’re all ‘okay’ but for the price, the crazy delivery and other new car things that cost a shiny coin… it’s not worth it for me. 

All the lease-takeover cars I have tested have been standard and it’s down to 2 clear winners – the honda civic, and the mazda 3 sport.

If you’ll remember from previous car posts, the written-off car is a 2001 Honda Civic, and our other car is also a Honda Civic.  Hmm, you think we like the Civic or something?  (Seriously, we did not plan to have two Civics at the same time – it’s another long story.)  I’ll tell you though, the Mazda 3 was pretty fun to drive and all I could think of was Zoom Zoom Zoom.  The Civic on the other hand is tried and true and I love driving it too.

The Mazda has a bit more of everything including horsepower, it’s less fuel efficient than the Civic, and also a bit pricier to insure.  Plus, lease payments are more too.  For more more more, does this Happy Honda family really need two Honda’s again or is it time to Zoom Zoom?

I’ll let you know our decision after we get the plates on the car.  🙂  In the meantime, I’m stranded today.  Send lucky wishes out my way in the hopes that credit approvals and paperwork get done sooner rather than later.

– Daisy

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