Posted by: Daisy | April 8, 2009

What’s luck got to do with it?

Every successful person when interviewed about their rise to fame or fortune seems to include a few key ingredients. You start with the basics – they’ve got to have great talent and/or skills. Plus, they have to have the burning desire and work ethic to work hard at their craft. These two are givens, however, if you listen for it, you’ll find many refer to “being in the right place at the right time”, or even “I was lucky”.

Is it luck? Or is it about placing yourself in situations and amongst people who are most likely to create that luck and opportunity?

– Daisy



  1. luck.

    I know people who try so hard and never get anywhere, then I know people who could fall down a drain and come up with a bunch of roses

    I’ve got to admit, I don’t know of anyone who falls down drains and come up with a bunch of roses. I’ve seen people who seem to be ‘lucky’ in spite of themselves, yet, it seems to eventually catch up with them. That’s just what I’ve seen. – Daisy

  2. Happy Easter

    Ahh, shucks… thank you! I hope you had a good one too. – Daisy

  3. I do agree that there is a certain element of luck in many things, many people work hard and get limited success, while others are often as you say in the right place at the right time.

    But you have to allow that lucky event to take place. Hard work, planning, and being good at your craft ensure that when that lucky break comes, you are ready to grab it with both hands.

    As Gary Player once said “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

    Oh, I love that quote. That’s it exactly! Thank you. – Daisy

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