Posted by: Daisy | April 16, 2009

Come to the Gym, Kim

I found this video completely by accident and thought it was hilarious.  As I’ve mentioned before, I teach the Les Mills programs, so I am quite familiar with the moves and therefore find it even more amusing.  Instructors Ana and Ness are trying to get their friend Kim to come to the gym.  I’ve been there and done that (though not quite what they’ve done!).

This video is for all the Kim’s, Ana’s and Ness’ of the world.  Have fun watching it.  Then come to the gym, Kim.  See you tonight.

– Daisy

P.S. See their silliness with bands here.



  1. I wanna go to the gym! I found myself smiling during this whole video. How fun. It makes you realize what a wonderful blessing it is, to have access to video equipment, computers, and music and be able to create a 2 minute work of art that hopefully not only inspired Kim, but many others as well. Thanks for sharing, Daisy. That was way cute.

    Glad you enjoyed it Randi. Keep smiling! – Daisy

  2. Hey guys… glad you like episode 1… we’ve gone on and made more videos of out adventures with Kim.

    You can watch them here on our Youtube channel…

    Les Mills and Me

    Thanks for the visit Les Mills and Me. Yup, I saw the other videos too – my favourite was the first one, and the one with the bands in BV which I also linked to. – You guys must have had fun filming these – way more fun than the typical release filmings eh? 🙂 – Daisy

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