Posted by: Daisy | April 21, 2009

The only sure thing

Death and Taxes.  I don’t actually understand why specifically I dislike doing taxes as much as I do.  It is not like it’s that difficult to do, or that time consuming in the grand scheme of things, yet every year, I procrastinate this deed again and again with full knowledge that YES, I get money back at the end.

Why do I delay?

Obviously, it is an emotional response that I have not quite figured out yet, nor do I believe I will figure out in the near future because at this point, I’m just darn happy they are done.  Forget thinking about them again for another year.  Period.

Well, a few interesting things I noticed about this go-around.

– I made more money than I thought
– I made more money than my hubby thought I made
– We wonder where all the money went
– Okay, I guess I didn’t make that much afterall
– Then why do I pay so much in income tax?!!
– I drive a lot, considering…
– I drive more than 7300 km for my part-time gig as a fitness instructor
– If I use 40 cents per km for mileage, that works out to $2920 which, DARN, I wish I could get.

– Daisy



  1. i am still procrastinating … i started them, made a good dent and then … yeah, back to procrastinating. must. finish this week. sigh.

    For the past few years, I’ve been using Quicktax on my parent’s computer. Last year, I decided to do it the ol’ fashioned route – via paper and calculator. Hmm, I obviously missed something because Revenue Canada clawed back some money many months later and slapped me with some interest when they reassessed my return. Ahhh… oops?!! So, I’m sticking with software from now on – it’s well worth the time it saves and the potential headache of my little “ooops”. Heck, even the interest I was charged pays for the software! – Daisy

  2. Blimey, if doing your taxes is this much fun we should all have a slice of that pie.
    Speaking of which, go grab yourself some as a reward!

    Pie – now that sounds yummy. But I don’t have any money to buy the ingredients. I suppose all the money comments are due to the fact that I’ve got no paycheque and therefore the strange disconnect of I made money (in 08), but don’t have any right now. – Daisy

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