Posted by: Daisy | April 24, 2009

A simple lovely note

A simple note

My son wrote this simple note this morning.  It says “There is a cat in our home and its Nipper”.  He tells me he’s the cat named Nipper and starts to meow.  I love this note.





Here’s another two notes he wrote me a while ago.  They’re so precious to me.

More notes

It’s little things like this that make you go ooh and ahh.  Thanks little guy for the cool note.

– Daisy



  1. Yes these are the best, I have one my son wrote years ago, childrens spellings and a big heart. you can’t beat them

    I have a huge collection (already) of artwork and such. How in the world do I decide which ones to keep?!! – Daisy

  2. Ha, yes I have a few examples of my children’s handiwork. Some times they make you laugh out loud and sometimes they make you cry and sometimes they just plain confuse you.

    I have a drawing my second child did when she was fourteen. I don’t think it was intended for anyone to see, it was just something she did. It depicted a couple sat on a wall looking at a sunset. Even though their backs are to you it is clear they are both naked. On close examination it seems that one has a bucket on their head. A caption underneath reads…”Sit back, relax…put a bucket on your head…whatever…”.

    If you knew Lauren you’d immediately know that she was the artist. Why everyone claims she is like me, I will never know.

    Heh heh.. cute. The artwork your daughter drew sounds a lot like something one of my best buddies would draw. No wonder I find you amusing! 🙂 – Daisy

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