Posted by: Daisy | April 29, 2009

Stop Eating Ice Cream Sandwiches

(Originally posted April 2008)

I was talking to a lovely lady after my class on Sunday who was already on her way to a healthier and fitter lifestyle and she lamented that she was having a little difficulty with certain foods.  She started asking me about my personal eating habits and I began to laugh.

I told her that every person has their own vices and there are different strategies for dealing with them.  I relayed a very recent occurrence that happened in my household.  A few weeks ago, while in the grocery store with my son, I was saying “no” to all kinds of junk food when finally, I felt that I had to give in (he had been so good already).  I purchased a box of 24 ice cream sandwiches.  Fast forward about a week when I saw the empty box hit the blue box recycling bin.  To my husband, I said incredulously “I think between the kid and I, we ate 3 ice cream sandwiches – did you eat all the rest?” to which he responded “I told you those things are evil.”

Mental note:  Do not purchase ice cream sandwiches or else the other half will take in far more calories than he can use in 1 week.

The moral of the story?  Avoidance.  Don’t tempt yourself by allowing it to take up space in your kitchen – don’t buy it.  Avoid the aisle/section and be sure to ask for support too.  It’s always easier to avoid things when you have the entire family supporting you.

Here are two scenarios showing support in eating habits:

Diabetic individual with support

  • household removed most traces of sweets from the home – if the non-diabetic really wanted certain sweets, they were hidden from sight
  • meals consisted of healthy foods that both spouses ate consistent with diabetic dietary requirements
  • both began to live and eat a diabetic lifestyle

Diabetic individual without active support

  • continued temptation of sweets behind every shelf and drawer
  • meals consisted of ‘regular meals’ and ‘diabetic meals’ where diabetic meal had offending substance removed from individual’s plate
  • eating habits and lifestyle for individuals was markedly different

Consider how important having the right support is in achieving your goals.  This applies to many other aspects of your life too and if you’re considering making other changes, take a peek at Getting Support to see just how important the right support is.

– Daisy


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