Posted by: Daisy | April 30, 2009

Hooked on a feeling

I’m currently reading “Whoever makes the most mistakes wins – the paradox of innovation” by Richard Farson and Ralph Keyes.

Love it.  Love it.  Love it.  I only started reading this earlier today, so I’m not even that far into it, however, it’s taking me on a journey where I keep exclaiming in my head “YES!  Exactly!”  Instead of attempting to explain what the book is about, I will leave you with three quotes that gives you a flavour of the topic and style of book:

“Entrepreneurs are renowned for their excitement-craving temperaments.  If anything, they prefer the dark clouds and thunderclaps of impending catastrophe to clear days of smoothly humming businesses.”

“A reluctance to try something new is worse than trying something new that fails.”

“High achievers of all kinds are more impressed by spectacular defeats than modest victories.  Such achievers don’t love to lose.  They are not perverse or masochistic.  Rather, they understand that big failure is usually a product of high aspiration.”

– Daisy



  1. Oh my! It’s only 3 quotes but I’m totally inspired! Now I’ve definitely got to read that book!

    Thanks for the visit, and the comment! Yeah, look for it at your local library – I’ve signed out two other books as well since they were recommended to me – if they’re any good, I’ll certainly post about them as well. – Daisy

  2. […] 5. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made? I have no regrets. We make mistakes so that we can grow and learn. And sometimes, the bigger the mistake, the better the learning, the bigger the future success. Also remember I just finished a book called “Whoever makes the most mistakes wins“. […]

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