Posted by: Daisy | May 2, 2009

The world, through cows

Some days, it just pays to get up in the morning!  I think I do a pretty good job of complimenting others on the things they do well, generally helping out others when I can, and patting them on the back.  The other day, I was so pleasantly surprised to be on the recieving end of that with a surprisingly high volume of people from all walks of life who spent the time to tell me in their own way, “I appreciate you, Daisy.”  In person, through email, and on the phone, I was so tickled to hear all the great feedback; it literally made my week that much better.

What could possibly top off all the thanks I got?  I think it is only fitting to now highlight a few posts and their respective bloggers who make me laugh and smile and simply make my day.

In no particular order:

I’ve been reading Randi of Foreign Quang for a while now, and am finding that her posts tend to feel like stories that take me on a personal journey.  It feels to me like we’re sitting across a kitchen table as she personally relays to me the time when… With coffee in hand, I am literally always smiling as I read her posts.  She particularly scared, entertained and gave me food for thought in her post about how to parent teens effectively.

It was through Randi that I found Robert Brault and oh my, if only I could bottle his talents, slap a logo on it and sell it.  Oh wait, I can!  It’s the Robert Brault Reader – except the price is always free.  He has such a way of condensing thoughts and ideas into concise quotes that hit me right through the heart.  Obviously, I’m jealous as sin over how well he writes.  Sometimes, he also takes a turn for something a little different, yet also spot on.  This post in particular really made me smile.

Have you seen these photos?  Incredibly talented group of Canadians if you ask me.  I rarely have anything to say because I feel like such a smuck saying “great pics, great words” but really, they make me speechless.  Perhaps Robert Brault can put into words for me how I feel about those photos?!!  🙂

Lastly, Rhymes with Plague has a hilarious post that explains the world using cows.


– Daisy



  1. Daisy,

    I’m so pleased to be mentioned in an article entitled “The world, through cows.” But thanks anyway. You are too, too kind (although pretty accurate) in your appraisal of my stuff. I went over to Bob Brague’s site, which froze my screen, which is okay. (Not!) I’ll try again, as I always give a site two chances to freeze my screen. I also took a look at the photos, and the only thought that occurs so far is “righty tighty, lefty loosey,” which is a thought I try to keep in mind no matter what I’m looking at.”

    This is a nice, breezy, fun site, and I promise to come back even if you don’t mention my name.


  2. Hmmm, now I have some more reading to do. 😉 Thanks for knocking on my door too. I appreciate it. Crazy spring for me, and now I’m trying to catch up!

  3. Hello, Daisy! I clicked on your footprint in the visitors log of my blog and found this very post, and then (wonder of wonders) discovered my site mentioned in it! Next, through this same post I discovered Robert Brault and his intriguing blog, with whom i share all but 3 letters of our names. After I left a comment on his blog, he later referred to my blog as “charmingly eclectic” which he said he prefers to “disarmingly dyslexic” — and on and on it goes.

    My, oh, my, what a wonderful place is the blogosphere!

  4. Daisy,
    I just had a fun-filled (not!) week of final exams, snarky students, getting grades recorded and trying to clean a house that had been neglected since school started nine months ago. It’s late Sunday night (in 15 minutes it will be Monday) and I decided to un-wind by checking out my favorite bloggers–people whose sites I have sorely missed in the last couple of uber-busy days.

    So I headed over here to check out my pal Daisy, since she always has something ultra interesting to say, and there I find myself, along with another of my favorite bloggers, Robert Brault. Thank you for mentioning me. You made my day. And since it’s Monday in 15 minutes, I will go ahead and say that you made that day too. I’m glad you mentioned Robert Brault too. He should mandatorily be on everyone’s fave list. Where most people use a cannon to describe life’s experiences, Robert uses a laser. He’s amazing.

    Thanks for mentioning the other two sites too. I loved the photography site and would love to have a skirt made of the flower pattern. Rhymeswithplague–thank you for the introduction to Stephen Vincent Benet.

    Now I can sleep…

  5. Bob, I noticed that you fixed up my spelling of “dyslectic. Thanks, but so you don’t think me a dunce, the spelling was intentional — a not too hilarious match to “eclectic” Cheers.

    Randi, I don’t think I’ve thanked you quite enough for the kind words you send my way and for the inspiration your writings provide. I’m privileged to catch a moment in a life so full and engaged.


  6. There’s a first time for everything – I’m stepping away from my usual commenting format and trying this – this time.

    @RB aka Robert Brault
    Hey, you promised to come back and lo and behold, you did, you did! Just give me some time to write another post next time okay? Plus, I love that new word – ‘dyslectic’. I’m not sure what your impressions of the Four are with the reference to screws and tighening and loosening… does that mean you liked the photos?

    @Mrs. V
    So glad to see a new post up! No worries – I will prod you once in a while when I’m feeling the need for more Mrs. V posts.

    @RB aka Bob aka Bob Brague aka Rhymeswithplague
    Holy smokes – how did I miss out on the fact that your name and the other RB’s name is so bloody similar? I think it’s because I keep thinking of you as Rhymes with plague, that’s why! Yes, eclectic is what I’d describe yours as as well – I suppose I couldn’t describe it which is why I simply posted that hilarious link of yours.

    Glad I made your day(s)! and happy you enjoyed the other sites too. Hope you slept well, and I’m always anxiously awaiting your next post.


  7. Hi Daisy,

    That’s great to hear that your week was made better by a few simple comments. Isn’t it great to have someone say something nice, whatever the format is. It’s such a simple thing but it’s hard to come up with too many other things that make us feel better -woops, better not go there !!

    It’s a bit of a shame that it doesn’t happen more, could be because people tend to be too guarded, or shy, or don’t want to look you in the eye. One of the reasons I enjoy the Sunday class is that there are a lot of regulars and I have made a point to speak to as many of them as I can – it might only be a few words but we form a bit of a bond and I also try to remember their name. Ever notice how people light up a bit more when you say their name _ even if you only see them once a week.

    I have also found out some amazing things about people. Some time last year in one of the classes I saw a young lady who hadn’t been there for a while so I chided her for missing -jokingly. She said she had been away. I asked vacation, work? She went on to tell me that she had volunteered to help with children in Equador, and then she said that unfortunately she could only do it for 3 weeks as that’s all she could get off work!!! WOW.

    And now my point, finally. How much did all of this good will and knowledge cost, and kind words cost – $ZERO.

    Let’s encourage people by just talking to them – or blogging in your case.

    Cheers, trevor.

    Trevor, you are so right! And I only wish I could do a better job with names! It is true that Sunday classes are full of regulars who are open – and by that I mean, they don’t tend to avert their eyes. They are friendly, and SMILE. Plus, bonding with the others is a great way to stay motivated to keep going! I love the line from cheers “where everybody knows your name” and it’s true. Thanks for doing your bit.

    I’ve been contemplating how to get everyone to bond a bit more and haven’t come up with a great plan yet.. but one day…. 🙂 – Daisy

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