Posted by: Daisy | May 8, 2009

Memory lane

I was reminded of my youth recently and thought of this song. Watch in amazement as they ‘play’ a comb and enjoy the sounds.

– Daisy, who is clearly stuck in the 80’s



  1. I loved The Cure too. This video always freaked me out a little. Drowning in wardrobe kills more people than we realise (probably). 🙂

    Seriously though, I always liked how the song built up by one instrument at a time at the beginning.

    I always found the Cure kinda freaky to watch (besides the imagery of the video). Perhaps I’m old school or something, but I don’t think guys should be wearing that kind of make-up. Wait a second, I don’t think women should wear that kind of make-up either. – Daisy

  2. Ooh, I should have listened before commenting. That’s not the version I remember or own. The version I know is quicker and starts with drums, then bass, then keyboards and then “comb”. Strange.

    Still a great track though.

    Too funny. I originally posted a different version (I believe the one that is quicker, starts with drums, then bass, then keyboards and comb) but then after I posted, I found the video wasn’t working. So I switched it to this one. Great tune either way, right?

    I also pulled out one of my Cure CD’s and listened to it today. I enjoy the riffs in a number of songs and sometimes wish there were no vocals on it at all. And then, there’s the tape I have somewhere (yeah, good ol’ fashioned tape) with some great old(er) tunes. Finally, my concert ticket from July 1992 when the Cure came to Toronto. I definately walked down memory lane there!

    – Daisy

  3. If you get a chance check out the concert film “Live in Orange”. I have it on VHS but I’m sure it would be on DVD by now. A very good concert filmed in the beautiful Théâtre antique d’Orange. I will never forget when Robert Smith gets his wig pulled off at the beginning and you realised he’d had his huge hair cut really short. Its a great gig.

    Holy crud, you even got the accents on your french words! Sorry, what were you saying?!! Oh yes, thanks for the tip – it’ll have to get added to the mental list of DVD’s I should check out. – Daisy

  4. Hi Daisy – I was also a Cure fan in the eighties and in fact a real punk fan that merged into new wave. I really liked The Clash, Police, Psch Furs, Simple Minds , and saw most of these bands in small clubs when they first started to tour.
    There as a little club on Gerrard Street, Toronto called The Edge and they showcased all these new Brit bands – I’m still an old rocker !!

    Ther is a great new show on CTV called Spectacle, which is hosted by Elvis Costello, who is of course married to the fantastic jazz singer Dianna Krall. Anyway, this show is a must for music fans – check it out.

    My ankle healing ok but not ready for Attack yet _ I hear you were injured – get well soon.


    Oh yes, the Edge! 🙂 Love the Clash and Simple Minds too. It must have been amazing to see them before they were big! The only artist I saw before she was big was Sarah McLachlan (yes, different genre altogether) where I got to be pretty darn up close and personal. She was and continues to be amazing.

    I haven’t heard of Spectacle, but I’ll have to check it out one of these nights.

    Yeah, I got a little hurt – sort of mistepped off the ladder – it’s not the end of the world, though it does make teaching a *tad* difficult. – Daisy

  5. This brings back so many memories. Fortunately none involving near drowning incidents in cupboards. I was trapped in a cupboard once, as a child – I was hiding in it and it ‘fell over’ (my sister had nothing to do with it of course).

    I digress – the Cure were fabulous, and maybe still are, just a little.

    Yowch.. that sounds super scary to me. For some reason, when it’s in a music video, it doesn’t seem to have the same effect on me. Yes, the cure are just a little fabulous! – Daisy

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