Posted by: Daisy | May 12, 2009

Running barefoot?

I am completely astounded by this article I just read about running shoes and feet.

To start, I’ve always been a big proponent of good quality shoes that provide support where you need them.  I have always had a weaker left side that tends to pronate (think of the left knee and left ankle coming in towards the midline).  Alignment of the knee, ankle and toes are extremely important in preventing injury, and I’ve always sworn by my “stability” shoes.

After reading the article, I’m now wondering if I should try a cheap shoe, or simply go barefoot instead.

– Daisy



  1. There’s nothing like going barefoot, I can tell you. One of my favourite things to do is to walk barefoot on sand. There’s nothing quite like that warm, fine grain sensation that one gets between one’s toes. SO comforting. SO therapeutic!

    Okay, there’s barefoot, and then there’s barefoot… I remember when I visited New Zealand (yes, I know it’s not the same as Australia, but it is in that hemisphere!) and I was so stunned to see so many little kids going barefoot on the street. In fact, I watched a group of kids jogging up the street barefoot and all I could do was cringe thinking how my feet are way too sensitive and wouldn’t be able to handle it! I suppose here in Canada, we wouldn’t dare go barefoot in snow, rain, sleet.. and all the rest of Canadian weather and now we’ve got pansy feet. – Daisy

  2. 6 million years ago we came down from the trees -37 years ago the athletic show was invented. Ya just can’t beat nature! She is so totally awesome.

    Your “pansy feet” comment made me laugh out loud. I will never forget a dash I had to make to the hot tube in snow and minus -35c. Painful, but oh the 40 degree water and the view were well worth it. My pansy feet recovered.

    Oh yes.. when you put it that way, it does make you wonder why in the world.. an industry has gotten really rich through some fabulous marketing folks eh?!! 🙂 – Oh, a nice hot-tub soaking would be good about now.. oh wait, that’s my pansy feet talking again. – Daisy

  3. Wow … That (forgive the pun) just blew my socks off!

    Since taking up running I have always bought quite pricey trainers as I had my feet analysed and I pronate quite heavily. However as I read that article more and more of it seemed to fit exactly what I noticed.

    I am a heavy runner, and I really do thump my feet down quite hard. Unsurprisingly I have rather a tender right knee. I tend to wear my trainers way past the recommended mileage, but I was just about ready to commit to a new pair of trainer … I might just put off the purchase, or at least look into getting some of the minimal ones discussed.

    Exactly! I have previously gone above and beyond to get my specific shoe, and pay top dollar for my shoes.. now I’m wondering if I should try a cheaper shoe and make my feet toughen up and find their own way again. Only thing is, I don’t typically “run” per se and am instead, jumping, hopping, and other things. I’m just so afraid I’m going to really hurt myself if I try?!! – Daisy

  4. I prefer to dance barefoot, and when it isn’t winter, I’m barefoot in my house. I don’t know that I’d want to run down the street barefoot though, it seems to painful to me.

    My daughter says her most comfortable pair of shoes are her $8 sneakers, not the $50 tennis shoes. Go figure.

    Oh, I love the image I’ve got of you dancing! I’ll bet you do cute little things with the kids at school with dance too! I’m barefoot indoors all year round, and have always strapped on pricey shoes for working out… now I’m seriously wondering. – Daisy

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