Posted by: Daisy | May 14, 2009

A bag of gifts

Yesterday as I was getting my son ready for school, I read the note from school asking for donations including a list of the most needed items.  As I skimmed the list, I thought to myself, “I need that, I need that too, I don’t have any extras of that…” and I quickly concluded that I couldn’t help.  I also reminded myself that *I* was the needy one these days and should be the recipient of donations like food.

That thought didn’t really last very long and I could not ignore the note and accompanying plastic bag.  No matter what my circumstances are, there are others who are in far worse shape.  So, instead, I reviewed the list again.

We ended up finding a blanket, a can of soup, two boxes of crackers which I purchased on sale a while back, and some toothbrushes.  We tied up the bag and happily walked to school together talking about how much these items would be appreciated by another family.  It was amazing and the joy I felt was well worth the dollar value placed on the items we donated.

The giving continued when we mowed our lawn in the afternoon, and then ended up mowing both our neighbours front lawns as well.  Life is good – give some goodies away.

– Daisy



  1. I love it! You truly do have the abundance mentality. What a great gift you have given your child. Now I’m inspired…

    I know he found it interesting, but I’m still stuck on me – I feel so GOOD about it! – Daisy

  2. You don’t want to pop over and do my lawn do you? It’s one job I despise.

    I agree with Randi, it only takes a small act of kindness to get a disproportionate warm fuzzy feeling and kudos to you for passing that on.

    If you send me a plane ticket, I’d be more than happy to pop on over and do your lawn! I’m amazed at the intensity of the warm and fuzzy’s over something so tiny. And to think I hesitated. – Daisy

  3. you are beautiful!!

    Likewise – I have always thought you were beautiful in so many ways! – Daisy

  4. Like I always say – The world needs more Daisies!

    Awwwhhh, as long as they aren’t my twin, I’m good with that. My twin and I would likely drive each other batty. – Daisy

  5. Ah yes… the joy of giving. It warms the cockles of this old heart to read stories of kindness to others. There should be a worldwide Be Kind to One Another Day or something I reckon. How cool would that be?

    Although I like the idea, I have always found days devoted to a certain thing, have never quite clicked with me. Somehow, I’m better on the run.. doing things as they seem fit – but that’s me. – Daisy

  6. What a lovely, simple post and yet it’s so full of meaning.
    We all need a little nudge from time to time. Thanks for that x

    Thanks Tara – I’m glad I got the nudge! – Daisy

  7. Letters like that are the bane of my life. Not because I resent giving, but because my kids have the remarkable gift of giving them to me at 8pm on the night before it is due and I find myself doing a midnight shop in the local Asda (Walmart in the UK). It takes so much of the joy out of being virtuous 🙂

    You go out of your way and SHOP for those letters?!!! Wow. I gotta hand it to you – you really give that something extra! – Daisy

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