Posted by: Daisy | May 19, 2009

I’m worried

My cat is looking so anxious, he can’t seem to relax.  I think these economic times are getting to him.  Or something.  🙂

– Daisy



  1. I agree, he does look stressed while trying to pretend to be napping. I suggest you check for kitty shrinks at your local free clinic. 😉

    Thanks Annie – I couldn’t help but add yet another pic. And as I look over my shoulder this instant, he’s got yet another pose happening. Seriously. I need to get a little of whatever he’s getting! – Daisy

  2. My goodness. That’s one stressed Kitty. He needs to take a chill pill. 🙂

    I wonder how to get some of those chill pills for myself – Daisy

  3. I wish I could not relax like that

    Me too! – Daisy

  4. He’s so cute! 🙂 Mine is currently in that stressed out state too.

    I want to come back as a kitty in a nice home – Daisy

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