Posted by: Daisy | May 28, 2009

Darling Description

Robert Brault has a knack for distilling ideas into short phrases.  We were both surprised that my recent post about transitions coincided with his post about finding opportunity.  When I commented about having a personal brand that is true in any form of communication, I was pleasantly surprised that he could so easily distill me into such a darling description.  He said I am “a lady who can be very “unladylike” in delightfully unexpected ways.”

Well rb, I just don’t know what to say.  When you have time, you’ll have to teach me this art of using 5 words instead of 50.  🙂

– Daisy



  1. Daisy,

    On the contrary, I need to be taught how to expand my thoughts into full-fledged articles the way you do. People see my one-liners, want to read more, come to my site and find more one-liners. Many of them go off never to return.
    Perhaps you could teach me how to draw an extended lesson from experience, illustrated by true-life example and reaching an insightful conclusion. But then I would be you, and I’d have to get a whole new wardrobe.


    SOOOO interesting. It never occurred to me that people would be attracted to the one-liners looking for more and being disappointed by more one-liners. I think it’s a real gift.

    With respect to writing, I would venture a guess that there are far more of us who go on and on taking far more words than necessary. There are more of us who need lessons on brevity than the other. You make every word count and are a constant reminder to me of the power of those well chosen words. I suppose the grass is greener on the other side, though I think in this case, it’s just a different shade of green that we’re admiring – Daisy

  2. He has a way with words. I must go investigate!

    Yes, he sure does! – Daisy

  3. Robert IS amazing. I remember I fell in love with one of his one-liners, so much that I use it at the top of my own site as a summary of what my blog is about. When he first commented on my site, my gut reaction was, “Wow, this genius is ALIVE?” I was totally honored. Seriously. He’s funny, he’s touching, and he’s spot on.

    Alive – oh yes. I’m sure he’d attest to that and I know what you mean – Daisy

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