Posted by: Daisy | June 5, 2009

I wrote a wish list

I’m pretty good with my money and do not need to have instant gratification like some from the younger generation.  I typically pre-plan large purchases and was recently surprised when I kept thinking in my head that I had a few items I wanted to get, but didn’t feel I should.  It started bothering me because I kept forgetting what the items were, so I finally wrote them down:

speakers for tv (via air miles)
garage door opener

The laptop I’ve been wanting for quite a while – I spend so much time outside watching the kids, it would be better use of my time if I could watch and blog, I mean, do meaningful work, at the same time.

The GPS I’ve been wanting for even longer. You know how I am spatially challenged and any help I can get is appreciated. Plus, the more I drive to new and different places, the more I need this.

The speakers will be purchased through air miles meaning we’ll simply redeem some points for them. I’ve always enjoyed getting products from air miles including blender, dvd player, alarm clock, etc. In fact, we’ve gotten quite a few items from air miles over the years – I suppose it is particularly fun because it feels a bit like Christmas and since it is ‘free’ – sorta.

The garage door opener is again, something I’ve been waiting for a while for. Yes, call me lazy. I’ve done the garage door opener, and I’ve done the manual door opener, and I’m afraid I’m just way too lazy to climb out of my car. These days, I haven’t even parked the car in the garage due to said laziness.

I think it’s about time to cross off some things off the wishlist.

Eeenie, meenie, miney, mo
Laptop and GPS, we go
Airmiles will again be low
Garage thing will be a no

– Daisy thinks this seems so very fluffy, yet it’s what the mind is thinking of



  1. given that the speakers are ‘free’ you could have them now which will give you a happy boost and you can carry on saving for the other things on your list.

    Oh yes, I’m well aware of that ‘free’ status. I just have to find the time to go pick one. – Daisy

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