Posted by: Daisy | July 8, 2009

Crunchy Yoghurt, WIFI and other goodies on the road

You gotta love your car if you’re going to spend your waking hours in it. As you know, I like to drive, and I love my car. (Oh darn, I just remembered I still haven’t posted a pic of my new car yet.) With my new role, my car is now my office, and the staples I’ve come to terms with, are evident in my car.

It does NOT look like a typical car office though. Mine is neat, and stays neat everyday. I make sure of it because I know it could quickly turn into mayhem on wheels such that if I were in an accident, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I hit a garbage truck.

While on the road, I’ve learned a few tricks in my short time out:

Crunchy yoghurt is GOOD – that’s yoghurt that gets put into the freezer, then thaws in the lunch bag as the day goes on, and by lunchtime, it’s still crunchy in parts, but nice and cold and still yummy. There is nothing worse than too-warm yoghurt.

Free WIFI has been tough for me to find. Yes, it’s everywhere, but I don’t want to sign up or do any of the other crazy things and really, I’m not about to pay quite that much for an over-priced coffee. Today though, I’ve learned the trick. Go to a hotel parking lot. Many now have free WIFI as part of their service. Yeah!

Pay as you go cards for coffee. Okay, NOW I get the reasoning. I never did understand before why I’d turn good cold hard cash into a card that was like cash, until I was blowing through my change for coffee all the time. Now, I waltz into my favourite Tim Horton’s, pay by credit card for a card, and my drive-through experience is now simplified as I no longer need to look for cash.

A recycling bag, and a garbage cup. I’m a stickler for recycling and reducing, so just because I’m on the road, doesn’t mean I want to stray from being a good citizen. I’ve looked at the gazillion organizers made for cars to keep them organized and clean, but none of them seemed right. I’ve now discovered a simple old coffee cup does a fabulous job of being a trash can for all those little things, and a paper lunch bag does wonders as my recycling bag for green items like tissue, knapkins, paper, etc. Cans and plastic bottles can easily be left in the multitude of cup holders in the car until the daily return home. Or, better still, recycle them all at the next stop with a blue box.

GPS – the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve only had a few short weeks, and I love it like my own child. Okay, I jest a little there. Let’s just say, it helps me find everything, including the nearby hotel for free WIFI. However did I live without you before?

– Daisy



  1. The GPS is great! My friend had one when we went on a trip and finding the hotel was a snap. “Turn left at the next corner, etc. until finally “You have arrived at your destination.” Amazing.

    I laughed at the picture of you sitting outside a hotel using their WiFi. We have this commercial in the States that cracks me up. It’s a childbirth class and the instructor is walking through all the pregnant couples who are sitting on their mats, practicing their breathing.

    As she walks through the rows, she comes upon a man sitting there on his mat, typing on his laptop. She says, “Is your wife here?” He replies, “Oh no. I’m not married. I’m just using your WiFi.”

    Cute! I won’t go that far though.. I don’t think?!! – Perhaps I could pull out the computer, stuff a pillow under my shirt and practice my breathing though? – Daisy

  2. Hubby has just brought a GPS, it drives me mad!

    Oh no.. why does it drive you mad? – Daisy

  3. I don’t have a GPS, but I’m thinking we should get one sooner than later.

    I agree warm yogurt is icky. 😛

    My car “office space” is usually quite messy, but I clean it out a couple times a week to keep it under control, LOL.

    GPS is wonderful! There are some things that could make them a touch better/easier, but that’s just me taking them to the next level! Ha ha. – Daisy

  4. Daisy – as a long time Sales Manager and successful Sales professional, here’s what i would suggest. Get yourself an air card for your laptop – they are awesome – connest to the net anywhere any time – link attached.
    I always found that my team was much more productive when I removed distractions from their process on a daily basis. I don’t want my people driving around looking for somewhere that maybe has WiFi. The cost of the air card is very low, also expensible and tax deductible. THINK BIG.

    I like that you are keeping things neat, that’s important. Removing clutter is key and even more important for your mind – stay away from negative and sceptical people. Have long term vision and a beginner’s mind. Be coachable.

    Cheers, Trevor.

    thanks – I have considered options – haven’t looked at the one you sent me, but yeah, my hubby suggested a ‘stick’ and I thought.. great.. then I’ll just always be connected, it could be sort of scary taken to the extreme! 🙂 – Daisy

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