Posted by: Daisy | July 27, 2009

Bad Boyfriends and Worse Work

I’ve made this connection twice in 2009 already, and it’s quite amusing really.  Both times, I’ve said it in jest, and described it in jest, though it’s only funny because there’s a lot of truth to it.

I told someone that finding a fabulous career is sort of like looking for a husband.  You can determine what your ideal target is, and you may even find yourself meeting face to face with someone who you think is pretty darn close to what you were looking for.  Or, maybe not.  For whatever reason, you try it out.  I’ve called him “Mr. Right Now”.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Mr. Right Now because sometimes, he turns into Mr. Right when somehow, some way, a magical spell occurs and the two grow into each other.  Tis magic, really.  There’s no doubt about it, finding this is hard work, and needs a bit of luck as well.

Other times the magic turns into something else as you see either the little things, or not so little things that add up into a reality that just doesn’t mesh well with your life.

Work is like that too.  It doesn’t always work out.  Sometimes you grow apart.  Sometimes, you were never meant to be, for even a short time.  Sometimes, all was wonderful while you had the best boss ever, and then it goes to hell in a basket as you get your worst nightmare.  Work evolves.  Mr. Right Now evolves.  You evolve.  You see all the similarities?

Work is like a partner, and so are boyfriends.  The good ones work in partnership making the sum larger than the individual parts.  The bad ones suck lemons.  Not that there’s anything wrong with guys sucking lemons.

(Is this at all funny, or am I simply in that strange mood?!!)

I start talking about how having a bad abusive boyfriend is like working for a company that just doesn’t fit.  I then begin talking about the whole rebound thing with boyfriends – you know, leaving one bad dude to jump into another bad dude’s lap.  Oh dear.  How’s one to know?  And isn’t work like that too?  You could end up jumping from one bad experience to yet another.  Look at all those celebrities with the poor marriage choices, and movie choices.  My golly, what does it take to get it right?

It truly is amusing.  My advice? – not that anyone was asking for it –  is that I’d rather leave a bad situation and try out a new unknown one, than to stay in a bad situation knowing what it is.  Yet, as I think about that, there’s also the ever so smart decision to simply leave a bad situation, and find time to find yourself.

Well, whichever is right for you, I know one thing is true.  We just have to leave bad boyfriends and worse work.

Altogether now, hold hands, and let’s vow to leave those abusive relationships before they bury us into the ground.  Peace.

– Daisy



  1. No matter the metaphor … I find it always feels great when we find the strength to toss what’s not working, regardless if we have any ideas of what might work in it’s place. Indeed, as you point out, sometimes we just need time not to have anything in it’s place!

    Amazingly, the word “courage” and “strength” have come up multiple times in chucking what’s not working. I wonder why sometimes it is so hard to do, when clearly it’s the right thing to do?!! – Daisy

  2. I am holding your hand, and all I can say is ‘OH YES’ you are so right

    I like ta ditch them bad apples fast. – Daisy

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