Posted by: Daisy | July 27, 2009

Born again writer

It is very strange to write this, however, I feel like I’ve just been born again, to a world I love and desire, and I’ve been thinking longingly about.  I want to thank Gerry for this wonderful article on how to write better.  Here are a few of my favourites:

73 Ways to become a better writer

1. Become a blogger – why, of course
2. Use self-imposed word limits – I try to stay under 500 words, though I’ve gone over many a time.  Perhaps I should aim for 400 instead.  Wordcount on this post, less than 300!
16. Challenge yourself: write in a crowded cafe, write on the toilet, write for 24 hours straight – I do love a challenge.
17. Take a trip. Road trips, beach trips, bus trips, plane trips. – YES. Let’s do it!
22. Go back and cut 10% from your word count – oh my, that will be tough, but I do love a challenge. Oh wait, there are some redundent words I could cut out. These sentences too. Darn.
23. Talk to people – why of course. This is something else I’ve missed terribly.
35. Read your old stuff and acknowledge how far you’ve come – and how far you have to go. – I believe I’ve done a better job of cutting out the excess, though I know I could be better. I am inspired by others who write so brilliantly that reading their writing feels like an honour.
52. Work on brilliant headlines – oh, that would be a GOOD one. Help? Anyone?
65. Approach writing with gratitude – I have never appreciated writing more than I have the last few days. It is part of my lifestyle in the same way that I need to eat and sleep to stay healthy, happy and be fulfilled.

Check out the article and let me know which ones make you go hmmm.

– Daisy



  1. Great list, Daisy. I especially like # 22. My aunt is an author so whenever I submit anything for publication, I send it to her first. It usually comes back with about 20% of my words crossed out, and deservedly so! I’m gradually learning to edit my own work that way. I wish I could do better on # 52. I continually struggle with my post titles.
    I think when I get a chance I’m going to check out the entire list of 73.

    Cut, cut and cut – I am definately getting better at it, but still a LONG ways to go! So cool that your Aunt is an author – you must have interesting conversations with her. And, hang on.. did you write that you submit things for publication?! Good for you Randi! I’d call that brave – I’m not that brave. – Daisy

  2. I love those tips!

    Yeah, I thought they were pretty cool too – Daisy

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